Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Sorry to startle you with that screaming headline but I've just realised that I haven't posted it here as yet!!!

Cyberscraps stocks a big range of Marah's cool products like Love Struck and Caution! Boy and Caution! Girl, the hearts, the tattoo style rub-ons and papers and when we ordered we spoke with Marah who is just absolutely lovely. She loves to chat to scrappers who use her products and in a bit of a coup for Cyberscraps MARAH JOHNSON WILL BE TALKING LIVE IN OUR CHATROOM TONIGHT - TUESDAY 3 APRIL 2007 AT 8.00PM OUR TIME!!!!! Poor Marah it's the middle of the night for her but she's so lovely that she's happy to visit our live chatroom and have a natter!!!

If you want to drop by then head to www.cyberscraps.com.au and on our opening page up the top on the right if you click on Chatroom it will take you right there. You need to choose a chatroom name for yourself (which will be individual to you and nobody can use the same name) and you can come in and get comfy! You don't need to be a registered member of the online store or our forum - you can just register for the live chat if you like. Goodness of course we'd love to see you in the forum as well but hey one step at a time if it's only our first date!!! lol

Look forward to seeing you there if you'd like to join in the fun! Usually we call our Tuesday night live chats our Wine and Tim Tam night but of course those two things aren't necessary, certainly not together (ahem sorry I started that strange combo one Tuesday night after the kidlets all went to bed!) and a nice cuppa or a frosty Coke will be equally fine if that's your fave!

See you tonight chickies!!!!! I can't wait to ask Marah what she's going to bring out next!

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