Friday, 13 April 2007

HUUUUUUUUUUGE shout out to my girl Lusi!!! Plus a nice new arrival at Cyberscraps

Well anyone who's seen the latest Scrapbooking Creations will know that it's been a bumper issue for one of my loveliest friends, Lusi Austin!!! Yay for ya girl!!!! Lusi has something like five layouts and a technique feature this issue and I'm so happy for her that her art and her beautiful soul are being shared with so many people. If you haven't got SC yet then start harassing your newsagent because it arrived at our newsagent only this morning. Some people closer to the publishing locale may have gotten it sooner. Huge congrats to Lusi for scoring so many cool layouts in one issue!

Spent the day at the shop today, rearranging stock, changing the layouts in the window and unpacking - my favourite part!!! lol Today we got in - direct from the States - the very shiny and new and gorgeous My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie collection of papers, die cut titles, journalling blocks, frames and transparencies, HUGE die cut alphas and the very delicious chipboard alphas and "Bliss" shapes. We also got some new Magistical Memories (thanks for the inspiration Jilly!) chipboard shapes in as well in funky things like musical notes, cute little birdies, locks and keys and a can't-wait-to-make heart shaped mini album. If you want to see the pictures then have a quick click here and see for yourself. Very beautiful stuff and I'm pretty sure Cyberscraps is one of the only stores in the country to have the Tres Jolie collection as yet as we got it straight from the States because we're impatient little scrappers here!!!!! There's plenty of stock (thanks to bosslady Cath who doesn't like us to run out) in the store and in the online shop so hop over to the link and have a squiz or stop by the store if you are the touchy-feely kind. The Tres Jolie papers all have a really nice parchment texture which means they take ink beautifully and the papers are all double sided so the plains are just as nice as the printed side.

Tonight I'm going to TRY (try being the operative word here....) to finish a layout I started today with the new MME Tres Jolie stuff. I started it at the shop and became quite the cranky camper when I realised I didn't have the pen I needed or the rub-ons I wanted to use either. And now I've gotten home from the shop I've bloody well forgotten to go to the newsagent and get the pen I need.......bugger, bugger, bugger!!!!! The rub-ons are easy, I've got those in my stash but the pen is something I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED and nothing else will do. I don't even know which pen I need, I just know it has to be brown and reasonably fine-tipped and I'll basically take whatever brand I can find at this point because it was one of those layouts where I got the butterflies while putting it together. Come on now, don't laught at me!!! You know that feeling you get when you think "oh I'm onto something here!!!!" and now I want nothing more than to get the stupid pen so I can find out what the layout will look like when it's finished. No I don't actually know what it will look like, I'll have to wait and see what else the layout tells me to do. Yep back in weirdo "talkin to the layout" territory again girls, as I always am! I started out wanting to use one colour of paper and the photo I wanted to use said "no", I even gave the photo the option of two different shades of that colour and it still said "no" so I had to abandon the idea I had in my head and keep putting the photo onto different patterns and colours until the layout screamed "yes, yes, YES" like the scene out of When Harry Met Sally. Well it is exciting when the layout talks to me! So then because it was a pattern and a different colour I had to abandon the big die cut alphas I wanted to use and go with some chipboard instead. It's hard to be a slave to the paper but what can you do? So I'll be sure to share once I get it finished. I dont' like to leave the layout to wait too long because I end up with the best results while that initial excitement is still there so I'll be sure to get to it tomorrow.

Contemplating doing something drastic with my hair again, red with purple and blue foils (which I wanted last time but didn't end up with) and I'm even stocked up with products and prepared to do it myself. But tonight I think I'll have a couple of glasses of wine, some nice hot Thai green curry and the last of my Easter chocolate because quite frankly my bum is getting waaaaaay to big and I need to say "no more!" and remove all the chocolate from the house - and of course the best way (and most practical way so as not to waste any of course!) is to eat the rest! lol I wonder if the wine isn't exactly helping my ever-widening bum problem surely not, good for the heart they say so we'll ignore that part of the kilojoule equation and focus on the chocolate instead.......oh but the Thai is really bad too isn't it?.....I must stop asking myself about these things..........I'll just do a Scarlett O'Hara and remember that tomorrow is another day!

Blogga blogga later chickies!!!!! Love, Lu

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