Monday, 2 April 2007

Problem solvered and a new routine

Well the whole invoice thing got sorted out today and we compromised on the amount I was asking for just to settle it. I didn't lose much at all in the final wash up and the rest wasn't really worth the stress/time/effort to chase them for it but I've walked away a wiser gal I can tell you!

So now my weekly routine has completely changed which is okay with me. You know what they say about change being as good as yadda yadda! So now that the shop is open Cass and I are working Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I'll be teaching the occasional class on Tuesdays even though I won't be working all day. As soon as the class timetable is finalised I'll post it here in case anyone is interested. Retail is certainly different but fun so far although I've had to be careful about which shoes to wear!!! Nothing pretty because they're not comfy so I've bought a pair of red ballet flats which are funky and comfortable even if I'm on my feet all day. The shop is slow at the moment but I know it will change once the word spreads and the classes start up.

Nothing else much really!!! I've got a tin coffee cannister that I need to decorate as a pencil cup and I have a Cosmo Cricket naked cigar box that I've got to alter to use as a tissue box but other than that I've only got a couple of class layouts to do and then it's back to submission layouts for me!

I'm going to try to find a gym this week as the scales must be crazy or I've gone up again. I'm sure it's something to do with my liking lately for squashed vegemite sandwiches!!!! They have to be on nice fresh bread with far too much butter for my own good. And they have to be squashed flat - why you ask? - because when I was a kid I was so rough and careless with my bag and lost so many lunchboxes that my sandwiches were always squished by lunchtime!!!! lol Funny the things that stick with you isn't it? I don't actually eat bread much at all until this latest phase hit about a month ago so I'm thinking it's time to try and find another phase!!! I watch the Biggest Loser each night and can't get over the amazing transformation these people have made. I wish it were as simple as changing what I eat but I know that now I'm getting older it's got to involve exercise as well or I'm going to really struggle to lose any weight. I don't even have a whole lot to lose - maybe 15kg which might seem like a lot to some but I used to weight 115kg at one point in my life and so 15kg after having to lose at least twice that doesn't seem to hard. I just seriously lack motivation! It's awful how I want to accept myself as I am and not worry about how I look but it's also a health thing - I'm just not meant to be the size I am right now. There's lots of heart disease and diabetes in my family and that's a worry too. Apart from those things I don't actually feel great at the size I am. I would even be happy losing 10kg instead of 15kg but we'll see how I feel when I get there. I think being comfortable in your own skin is really the important thing, provided you are not endangering your health by being comfortable AND morbidly obese or anything like that!!!! Or being comfortable and anorexic isn't good either.....does anybody need a fat transplant cos I've got lots I want to donate!

I'm off to start dinner and tidy up a bit. That's a never ending job in itself isn't it?

Jasmine I sent your RAK today - sorry I'm running a bit behind with it - I needed to wait until the stock in the shop got topped up today before I went and decimated it again! Hope you like what I've chosen for you!

Talk to you later chickies!!!!

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