Friday, 26 January 2007

ARGH the rubber band is stretched reeeeeaaaaally thin tonight

I had lots of work on this week and tried to get through it during the week but some clients made a last minute sprint for the finish line and wanted to get everything in before the long weekend so I have a huge pile of stuff to do and if I want to get paid tomorrow it all has to be finished by then. So I've been at this desk now for about twelve hours and haven't had more than a 10 minute break at a time. I was sure I'd be finished by now except it's been one of those days of constant interruption. The eldest DS comes in to complain about a younger DS or to complain that he's been asked to do a chore or something and wants me to listen while he moans. The second eldest DS is in desperate need of his ADHD med but I've been holding off because the longer he is off it the more effective it will work for him when he restarts it and I want to try to wait until school starts. So basically it is the equivalent of having an all singing, all dancing, jack-in-the-box voice over artist crossed with the most annoying kid you ever knew at school. He has come in about a million times today to ask about things of varying unimportance. The youngest DS has come in to speak to me about very important things, things so very important that he has needed a moment to think them up while I wait to hear what he wants to say! Lets not discuss how he also preferred that I come and sit on the edge of the bath to chat with him while he uses the toilet. He treats the bathroom like his office or something and likes a bit of company. HRH has now worked out that even though the door is shut while I'm working (and I hate having to close the door to my kids but you might get an idea now as to why I do it!) there are ways and means around a little pesky thing like a shut door. She now knows that if you are determined to get in then you should either drag a kitchen chair the length of the house or tip all of the dirty clothes out of the hamper and haul it into the hallway and up to the door to use as a ladder. Then you can precariously totter on top of said chair with a stepstool balanced on that, or on top of the flimsy plastic clothes hamper and reach the door handle. You may then fling the door open, dismount from said door opening assistance items and either climb the bed frame to holler out the window at the neighbours, grab tubes of paint and squeeze them into little hands and smear liberally over as many surfaces as possible before someone grabs you, steal jewellery, rip up Prima flowers or throw entire reams of paper or packs of envelopes all over the bed and floor. And that happens about fifty times a day. Then the ever helpful DH comes in to sit in the air con while he chats to his mates on the phone or brings screaming HRH in to change her clothes or wash her face, or to lecture one of the boys in front of me (you know "tell your mum what you did" type speeches) or wants me to look at something he saw on the internet, come and see something cool/funny/outrageous on TV or to repeatedly ask how much work I still have left to do!


Now if I was able to work and listen at the same time I wouldn't have a problem but - I'm a medical typist. I sit at my desk in my room with the door shut and transcription headphones on all day as that's how I hear what I'm supposed to type. Unfortunately I can still hear stuff that goes on behind the closed door let alone noise and distraction from people in the room with me! It means I have to stop and rewind what I'm doing if somebody makes a noise or speaks over the top of what I'm listening to. The longer I type the slower and more uncoordinated I get which I know is just normal fatigue from sitting so long and staring at a computer screen but it's very frustrating because I know I have a limited amount of time that I am as productive as I would like. I also get paid piece rate, not per hour, which means that the way my day's gone so far I'm working for the equivalent of the American minimum wage. Hey don't get me wrong, on the days when I'm feeling super motivated and I'm "in the zone" then I get paid very well for not too many hours out of my day but that wasn't today.

I'm having one of those moments where I can feel the rubber band stretching waaaaaaay too thin and every little thing that isn't going my way is making me angrier by the second. I don't know whether to scream at people or cry..... little things like nobody telling me we're out of dog food and I don't have money until tomorrow to buy more, DH bringing me home a chocolate bar and when I opened the wrapper it was all crumbly and spoiled from heat exposure, running out of Coke Zero, the children not even acknowledging me when I speak to them until the FIFTH time I have to say it, having a sore back because I've been sitting here for so frickin long now and knowing that I will be lucky to get four hours' sleep tonight before I have to get up again at 4.00am to start typing again just so I can get paid. Oh beloved blog readers I'm sorry to unload but Cass will probably be in bed by now and it's nice to know that Blogger is listening even if nobody actually reads it.

That was my whinge for Friday. In all truth and honesty there is nothing that bad that's happened to me today, just a whole pile of little upsetting annoying things coupled with having to work all day and night. I don't even know why I've let it all get to me either. I'm going to go take some of my own advice now and run a warm bath, light a nice candle and just chill for a little bit. It's not like work wont' be here when I get back but my sanity may well have buggered off!!! lol


susan j said...

Lu, I have to laugh as that was such a good read!! You are so entertaining even when you are venting!! I could relate to so much of what you said too!! HE he.

I hope your day improved after your bath? I just noticed your fav song of the moment and I LOVE Evermore too. They were on tv the other night at about 11.30pm doing a concert. I can't remember what show it was on or even what channel.

Those LO's in your stupid, bloody slider thingy are SENSATIONAL!!

susan j said...

I just noticed your get real challenge and I totally agree with you on this!! I tend to do quite a few "real" LO's and I don't care if no-one likes them....but I do.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love