Friday, 5 January 2007

I'm an Indian giver!

But does it count if the intended recipient didn't know the gift was coming.....? I only ponder this question because I had decided to do a layout for James to give to his best friend Jacob tomorrow when he goes to the movies with him for his birthday. I've sat down tonight to do what was originally going to be a basic, "not too much effort but I know they'll like it anyway" type of layout but I really got into it, again because I wasn't scrapping with an ulterior motive (i.e. submissions or DT stuff), and the end result I think is great. Now I don't know if I want to give the layout away - at least not before I've had a chance to scan it and maybe submit it! lol I figure the best approach will be to show it to Jacob's mum tomorrow and see if she actually does like it and then I'll keep it for a week, scan it, submit it and then put it in one of those nice wide white timber 12x12 frames Cath's got in store at Cyberscraps atm and give it to her then. Maybe I can explain that I've submitted it for publication and I might need it back if one of the mags wants it - and I suppose her permission would be a good idea too!!! lol I wouldn't care if someone wanted to have a layout that included my kids published but hey, I'm a scrapper and totally get it but not everyone wants their kids faces "out there" for any stranger to look at. I actually had to get Jacob's mum's permission to have a photo of Jacob and James together. If I take pics of James at kindy now I have to apparently get written permission from other parents if I want to have any photos of him with his friends, or any child that ends up in the shot for that matter. I want to say that's ridiculous but it's a sad and true fact that some people don't want to scrap photos of little kids - they have other things in mind. So I guess I can deal with it because nobody wants to think some creepo has pics of their kids to look at.

But I digress (as is very, very usual!). So I'm really happy with the layout and thank goodness I asked for one set of kindy photos in black and white because I can't understand why the photographers use those retina searing coloured backgrounds that DO NOT COORDINATE WITH ANYTHING!!!!!!! Excuse the shouting but anyone with kindy photos will know exactly what I mean!! It's like trying to do a layout of a bowl of Smarties - where the hell do you begin trying to choose a colour?? Do you pick just one or try to have a main colour and a couple of highlight colours?? Do you try to cram all the colours in somewhere??? I tried it with Caeligh's colour pic and it was a bit of a disaster - see below- so methinks I'll be scanning and converting to BW or sepia or something and do my best to make it not look like a kindy photo. It's a bit like PixiPhotos these days - when I first had kids I used to religiously get these done at regular intervals but now I have a decent camera and have learned a thing or two about the kinds of pictures I like, I have not got the least bit of desire to have one done. Don't get me wrong, I know there are people who just love their Pixi photos of their kids and I like the ones I've got - but my style has changed and it's not what I'd use now and also, I'm the scroogy type who only ever gets the $5.95 big picture and never buys a package so most of them are too big for a layout anyhoo. But I used the pic of James and Jacob because in BW with no pattered freaky background it's actually a really nice, both children smiling, no food on face or clothes, no odd poses or small kids pulling funny faces, kind of picture. I'll put it up somewhere after I get it scanned.

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