Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Playing catch up and huge announcement that I can't actually make yet!!!

Well it is my first day of work after the kids have started school again and I am back into my safe, comfortable and secure routine! I am a VERY messy person normally and completely disorganised and a bit ADHD so when it comes to house cleaning I usually sit on the couch looking around and feeling overwhelmed. I end up not doing anything because my poor scattered brain doesn't know where to start. I found Flylady one day while cruising the net and she looked like she could help me. It is basically a system of building little routines each day to keep the house in basic minimum tidy order. Then from that it has weekly zones in the house where you focus 15 minutes each day on that zone, so for one week you might spend 15 minutes a day in the lounge and each day you get sent an email about what to do for that day, like dusting your knick knacks, or vacuuming behind couches or dusting above doorways and skirting boards etc so that you know that at least once per month those little jobs get done. Mondays are a home blessing day but I'm not home Mondays so I usually do it Tuesdays in amongst my work. That involves a more thorough clean that never takes more than an hour and involves changing everyone's sheets, cleaning mirrors, emptying rubbins bins through the house, that kind of stuff. I know it sounds really DUH basic but I am the kind of person who needs someone to point me in the right direction. I know all the stuff that has to get done but when someone points out the order I should do it in then I'm all good.

It's been six weeks since I have really done my daily routine properly. Holidays, having kids home and all that stuff really throws it out so I end up doing what needs to be done to make the house look acceptable at least without the normally more thorough cleaning. Clutter tends to amass by now and I forget how much I like my bathroom properly clean all the time, not just "visitor clean" which is just tidy enough so that they don't think they'll catch something if they sit on the toilet! So I've started that again and forgot how much good exercise that is too! Clean house brings my mind a bit of peace too so it's something I've embraced because I didn't realise that a messy house made my mental/emotional state so much worse. I like empty clean horizontal surfaces!!!! I'm still not an organised person and I'm still messy but I'm slowly learning to clean up after myself as I go (something Dougie hasn't yet mastered!). I know we mothers are meant to clean up after our kids but quite frankly I don't see why I have to do everything when the boys are perfectly capable of hanging up a towel after using it, putting the margarine away or putting a plate in the dishwasher when they're done! I want them to develop some habits like making their bed each day as soon as they get out of it (which I've only mastered in the last two months!! very embarrassing confession there...... :) ) and that if you have something in your room that moves or grows and it isn't you, a sibling or a pet THEN IT SHOULDN'T BLOODY WELL BE THERE!!!!!!

So that's my rant today. I'm not upset that I'm cleaning, I'm excited that the house is slowly becoming tidier as the day goes on but I wish a few more inhabitants of the house would give me a hand, or at least not make it harder by leaving crap everywhere!

Shhhhhhh I have a huge announcement to make but it's still a secret. No, oh sweet mercy I'm not pregnant - I am not that crazy!!!! Something to do with my scrapbooking but I'll post the second I'm able to, once some things have been finalised. Sorry to leave you hanging there but I've been told I absolutely have to wait for the go ahead before I spill the beans, or is that spill the brads??

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