Sunday, 7 January 2007

Oops almost forgot something exciting in amongst the mess!

I got my commissioning letters from SM on Friday!!!! Yipeeeeeeee!!! I have parted with about ten layouts in the last four months or so and they are the first commissioning letters I've received for the whole batch. I'm assuming it's the May issue which will be available in April?? I think that's right. It's Vol 8 No 10 anyway and I have two layouts in that issue - Miss You Mum and Priceless. Priceless I didn't love, did it as part of a cybercrop challenge and only submitted it out of habit. Shocked is not the word when SM accepted it. But there you go - finally got the paperwork in my hot little hands. It's one thing to have a mag accept an email submission, its one thing to package your baby up and send it away but it's a different thing when you finally get that letter in your hands which confirms that yes they actually do want your stuff and which issue you'll see it published in. I have to say a huge thank you to whoever runs life, the universe and the whole shebang because Cass and I have had a hugely successful last six months in terms of our scrapping - both being on DT for Cyberscraps and receiving lots of acceptances. It's not the only reason I scrap but it's nice to see that I'm not the only one who thinks it can be more than a "hobby" IYKWIM? Can't wait to start seeing the issues come out as I think we've both got layouts in SM over four sequential months so that's very cool. And given the amount I spend in terms of time and money on scrapping it would be illogical not to reinvest my publication fees back into my work wouldn't it????


francineA said...

loved reading your blog very entertaining,,hoity dont know how to spell that one
thanx for sharing

lusi said...

Good on ya hun! It is soooooo lovely to finally hold that SM contract isn't it! I totally know what you mean! Can't wait to see it - actually I think I have two in that same issue - yay you!
Lus x

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