Monday, 29 January 2007

Back to blessed normalcy (whatever that is)

Well after a crazy weekend of finishing off covering books (can't tell you how much I hate Contact!!!!!) for three kids and so much labelling but none of it on a layout, we left the house this morning with Blayd ready for Middle school (equiv. of starting high school), Lachlann going back to Upper Junior in grade 5 and Jamie starting his first day of Grade 1. He was all dolled up in his too big uniform, enormous hat that looked like a sombrero on his little blonde head and huge clunky school shoes with a bag almost as big as he is! He was very excited though and looking forward to his day. He wasn't at all worried either! So we dropped off in order of starting time - Blayd starts at 8.30am, Lachie at 8.45am and grade 1 starts at 9.00am. Honestly James wandered off to look around the moment we arrived and seemed happy for us to go whenever we wanted. I kept waiting and almost hoping he would have a little moment of dependency and want me to stay a moment longer. NOPE NADA NOTHIN!!!! He was chipper and happy and excited to meet lots of new people and kissed us goodbye and didn't even look back!!! I guess I should be happy - it would be heartbreaking to have one of those clingy kids who goes into hystronics when parents eventually disentangle themselves on that first day of school. He wasn't however so chirpy when I got there. His brother had finished already and collected him and I met them just as they were leaving his classroom. There were big fat tears because he was leaving all of his beautiful new books and pencils behind!!!! He wanted to take them all home again, not leave them at school, oh yes and he was devastated that he didn't get time to go to the tuckshop for an ice block at lunch like a big school boy. Other than that he seems happy enough to go back again tomorrow! Poor kid, little does he know how many tomorrows at school there will be for him!!!

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