Saturday, 13 January 2007

Invasion of the style snatchers!

Well I don't know what's happened but in the last few days or so my style appears to have taken a dramatic curve in a new direction. Lots of scrawling and doddling in black journalling pen and some other weird stuff. It's almost like watching someone else's work come from my hands. I know that might sound odd but Cass and I have got our theory about scrapping all worked out. Some people work with sketches, or some people work with product and some try to match pp with photos etc. We like to say that our layouts "talk to us". I choose a photo I want to use (I'm a moments scrapper as opposed to an events scrapper so mostly only one photo) and then I have a look at the papers I have and it's almost like the photo will tell me which paper to use. And then once I have that worked out I sit and look at the photo and the pp for a while and then the layout tells me where the photo should go. I have a look through my stash for things I think will coordinate or fit in with it and I pile them up and basically wait for the layout to tell me what comes next. I guess that's my way of saying how my ideas come to me. And no, I do not speak back to the layouts as I'm working!!!! lol I also don't discuss this at the LSS as I'm sure people will think I'm absolutely nuts. "Oh, your layout TALKS to you?!?!?" while they back away slowly........

So that's how the magic happens for me so to speak. But I guess it could be the broad influence Aussie Dares has had on me lately. I've been looking at that blog a lot and in turn checking out the blogs of those very talented gals who contribute to the challenges. I think I have seen such a wide range of styles since entering the blogging world, far more than in any of the magazines as I think certain mags tend to favour certain styles so you won't see so much of many "freestyle" scrappers who tend to go with the flow and just create whatever comes.

Anyhoo, I don't dislike the change in direction, it just surprised me a bit because I feel like I don't have much control. I just sit and that's what comes out, like I'm the passenger and my mojo is driving but I don't know where we're going. One big adventure!!! But best of all, ladies and gentlemen, IT HAS BEEN PURE FUN!!!!!! That's something that has been sorely missing from my layouts lately. I won't rehash the whole scrapping for the wrong reasons story (it's in the archives somewhere if you really want to hear my rant on that) but I guess it has coincided with basically just saying "screw it - I'll do what I want for a change" and PLAYING instead of treating it like a chore that has to be done.

I've discovered that sometimes, having to scrap for submissions, for DTs, for things like that, is like tying your mojo up and beating it with a stick for good measure. It's not happy like that. It needs to do the whole "Born Free" thing to give you the best results! So if you feel like your work is lacking the fun factor, how about cutting the rope and letting your mojo run amok for a while. You will probably be very happy with the results! I will post my weird/new/someone else's style layouts Sunday most likely as I need to get them to Cass to get them scanned but I promise to share as soon as I can. I can do a before and after type thing.

I'm enjoying a quiet evening at home. The little ones have gone to Gran's for a sleepover and Dougie and the big boys have gone to a lan party at a mate's place (where all the geeks link their computers together - yep they take them out of the house even - and play shoot 'em ups, or race cars or something until the very wee hours, oh yes, and drink Coke like there's no tomorrow and gorge on pizza). So I've had a glass of red, finished the strangely lovely but not really mine layout, I may catch up with some SVU on TV1 for an hour or so and then I think I'll get me some sleep. I hope you lovelies are all having a nice weekend. Thanks for stopping to have a look by the way. The company is always very welcome!

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Michelle Lindenmayer said...

Have come across your blog - have seen some of your work on the Scrapbook City site - whatever you are doing go with it, your LOs are great.

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