Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Sketches make me sad :(

I'm trying to design an online class tutorial for really quick pages and have come to the ghastly realisation that I may have to use a sketch (gagging, sicky noises) to demonstrate where to place stuff on the page. I know some people love sketches and swear by them for perfect layouts every time but I HAVE NEVER USED A SKETCH IN MY LIFE!!!! They make me feel a bit ill quite frankly and I'm sure it's a reflection on my disorganised nature that I would prefer to let a layout take it's own course (the "talking to me" thing) than to have a pre-constructed sketch of where I'll put everything. I'm sure that in my mind I'll remember I've seen a page layout that I love and subconsciously I will think of placing stuff similarly to something I've seen somewhere but consciously I can't bring myself to sit and copy a picture. What do you do if you put it together and halfway through the layout doesn't look right? Or if you want to add some other things? I don't know what my layout's going to look like until I'm finished, even I don't know where it's going to end up sometimes! So I'm very new to the using sketches business and hope I don't become too familiar but for the moment I think it's the only way to get across my ideas because there are scrappers who far and away prefer to work with a template to guarantee balance and order and harmony for their layout, unlike me - I like to hop on the ride at the beginning and see where I end up, I'm not really in control and I don't always get a say in how my layouts turn out. They tell me what to do - I am a slave to paper!!!! Hey that's even better than life artist - PAPER SLAVE!!!!! How cool - I wasn't ever a life artist, scrapbooker is kind of non-explanatory and then people ask what that is, a paper crafter says nanna to me and memory keeper sounds a bit creepy like something that steals your memories while you sleep! lol I don't like the idea of being a paste eater though my kids are very proud of the fact that they do that and a geneological conservationist (please don't fall of the chair laughing cos I've heard someone use that! - though not the first time they said it because I thought they were kidding, started PMSL and fell off my chair and had to ask again!!!!).

Nope, I hereby declare myself a paper slave and proud of it!!!!

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