Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Blogspam - oh the horror!!!

I just got my blog up and kind of running yesterday and the very first comment I got turned out to be spam!!! I was shocked and mortified to discover that the comment turned out to be links to a software site (yay I guess I'm lucky it wasn't porn). I didn't even know you could have spam but I guess because I turned off the word verification this is what happens so apologies but I'm going to have to turn that back on. I despise spam with a passion and to coming stomping into my personal boudoir that is my blog is a little upsetting really. I expect to see friends, scrapping buddies, general normal people who might say hi, or agree with a post, not point me in the direction of free software downloads! It wasn't even a useful download at that!!! Inconsiderate spammer!!!

Went grocery shopping last night (without any children!!!! yipee!!!! - but had to have the MIL over to watch them - not so yipee......). I just cannot believe the price of food these days! Because our kids are mostly on a special diet with alot of additives not allowed we tend to buy the same "safe" things over and over again each week because we know they aren't a problem. It is horrifying to watch the price of same said things creep up every few weeks. The Woolworths at Forest Lake had their Home Brand eggs before Christmas for $1.99 a dozen and that's okay, then three weeks' later it crept up to $2.19 and then $2.32 and then $2.59 a few weeks after that!!! I worked out that with the number of eggs we use we'd be better off buying chooks!!!! But apart from that, to continue buying them would cost us an extra $100 a year in grocery money, just to cover that 60c increase in the price of a dozen eggs. The last time I checked our income didn't go up with the price of eggs and it didn't go up with the price of petrol either! It worries me how people are meant to survive - sure the government does provide support to a degree but things like Rent Assistance don't cover the huge increases in private rent and Family Tax doesn't pay for much these days either.

I am going to go now cos I can feel myself starting down the whole rant and rave path about how once you have kids and haven't adequately qualified yourself for a decent paying job you get stuck in the horrible situation of wanting to better yourself and your life by studying but becuase you have kids you can't afford not to work and can't fit in study anymore and can't apply for a better job with no paper qualifications and rant, rant, rant, rant.............

I'm going now, I'm going to try to fix my stupid slider thingy again today with my pitiful 73 mb left of download until midnight tonight. Ooops that's right, Dougie said no blogging today........ :)

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