Wednesday, 10 January 2007

What do I want to do with my scrapping this year?

Well 2006 was a big exciting rush for me - I joined the design team for Cyberscraps which really required me to ask more of myself in terms of time management, commitment and proactive thinking. I took submitting to mags a lot more seriously and for about five months solid virtually everything I did was for the sole intent of trying to get it published - with about ten acceptances, mainly from SM and one from SC. I entered - albeit last minute - the SM Masters Comp and my last minute attempts showed in that I didn't even make an honourable mention but couldn't be disappointed much as I hadn't given myself enough time to prepare. I started working from home which meant that I was surrounded by my supplies all day every day and Cass and I dedicated our Mondays at her place to photo shoots and scrapping, even if we got no other scrapping done all week. I seriously curbed my spending on supplies, partly because of the fringe benefits of being on a DT and the amout of free product I was given, and partly out of loyalty to Cyberscraps and purchasing the majority of my supplies from there which meant that I couldn't go to four different shops in a week and spend money at all of them!

My life has changed a lot in the past year too. My eldest son, who was once so behaviourally challenged and plagued by autism type problems, has been on a special diet for a year and has just transformed into an amazing young man who is starting high school this year and now the future literally holds anything for him that he wants. I don't have a strong faith (although I have been slowly working on that) but I thank God all the time for giving us that gift, not just for Blayd but for all of us who love him and want to see him happy in his life when we once thought that would never be possible. Lachlann is really "coming into himself" at age 9, realising it is okay to be who you are so he is slowly learning to accept and enjoy who he is and that's great to watch. James is starting school this year. Between his Dad and his Gran he is more than a bit spoiled (being Dad's firstborn and Gran's only grandson) and while he is a bright, social kid I think school will prove a culture shock but not for long. James has a way of attracting friends like a magnet so it will be fun to watch him and an exciting step for a little 5 year old. Caeligh has not really changed much at all except that she is fiercely independent now, resists help until the very last and is learning the different ways she can exert her will and test the boundaries in every direction. Some days I really worry for her safety as she has no fear and she doesn't seem deterred by failure, mistakes or injury! Maybe for this year we should invest in a straightjacket for her!!! (I'm so kidding here but she can be so fearless it's dangerous!). The working from home thing has been a blessing, allowing me to keep the house tidier and thus everyone is happier. Doug and I have been happier, trying to take time to do things together and enjoying our childrens' growing independence. I think there is life after little kids!!! Things are different these days but a good different IYKWIM?

So this year I think I want to invest time in my blog as it has already brought me new friends and new social interactions and I don't think you can ever have enough of either if you are a mum! I've enjoyed "letting it all hang out" on my blog and not feeling as though I need to censor or tone down anything I want to talk about. And it's fun - and we always need more of that!

I've decided that this year I don't want to be a one gal powerhouse scrapper - meaning that I'm not going to scrap everything with the goal of having it published. I'm going to enter SM Masters this year for reasons other than just winning.

I'm going to reach out in lots of different directions and find out what is going on in the scrapping community that is alive around me each day. Join new forums, read more blogs, share my thoughts, do more challenges like How Dare You and get down to the nitty gritty with my Get Real comp on Cyberscraps and invite others to do the same.

This year I want quality, not quantity, reality, not fluff (well not much fluff! lol), style AND substance. I want scrapping to be fun again because that's always when my best layouts happen. I want to have that easy, comfortable banter that comes from taking the time to get to know others and knowing that they "get" me. I'm going to take the time to reach out and leave comments, leave praise, leave encouragement, leave sympathy and empathy when it's needed. I really want to enjoy this year and I think as long as I'm enjoying things and having fun my scrapping will quietly blossom on its own. It's all a bit Dr Phil but there are days when I watch his show and he really does inspire me to be a better person sometimes and to want more for myself. More of the whole quality not quantity thing and to create the kind of life I want for myself and my family.

The recognition I wanted so badly last year is nice in the scrapping world but it isn't everything. My kids won't care after I'm gone that a layout of them was published, I like to think what they'll care about is that I took the time to create it for them.

I hope 2007 holds for all of you the kind of things you want, the things you need and the wisdom to know the difference (I'm right here Hallmark if you want to give me a contract to write your greeting cards!!!!! lol). It's a bit corny folks but definitely from the heart.

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