Friday, 26 January 2007

If You're Happy And You Know It Vote For Cass!!!!

Okay completely blatant and undisguised ploy to curry votes for my best friend here!!! lol Cass has entered an amazing photograph in a comp to celebrate Australia Day and there are some great prizes on offer not to mention the excitement of being chosen as a winner or runner up. The competition site is called - they have spent the day taking aerial photographs of how we as a country have celebrated Australia Day all around the place. They had a big photo shoot at Kirra Beach this morning to commemorate the year of the lifesaver and in keeping with that theme Cass has taken a truly amazing picture of her daughter on the beach standing next to a red and yellow flag. She's so adorable in her little red swimmers, just like a mini Baywatch babe!!! If you have a minute or two could you have a toddle over and have a look at the site? Cass's picture is listed under the individuals gallery and at the moment is in the Most Viewed gallery as well. It's a truly unmistakable photo and you will know it the moment you see it. If you love the pic would you be able to vote because the first prize is a holiday and Cass deserves one more than anybody else I know! lol Now I'm looking for sympathy votes!

Thanks for being involved in Team Cass if you are able to and I hope everyone is having a rocking Australia Day so far!

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