Thursday, 11 January 2007

I've got the blog bad

I've had the most unproductive yet fun afternoon and evening today! I do have typing that has to get done before I see my boss tomorrow night so I can get paid but the will to put fingers to keypad has not been there, especially as the wrist is less painful if I rest it on the desk and let my other hand click my way around the blog world instead! Found a great spoiler site for Days Of Our Lives (yes sad I completely know and recognise this!) but it's a good laugh sometimes. We are already nine months behind the states again - all because Channel 9 loves the cricket and then skips days of showing DOOL to fit in with cliffhanger storylines etc. So I spent an hour catching up on what happens later in the year. Honestly those people in Salem must run on a dozen different dimensions of time, some things seem to fly by, like kids growing up etc and other things crawl on forever, like the interesting story lines and the big secrets that could destroy everyone and the characters' ages of course, they never seem to move much! Honest to goodness half of the cast must look like the walking dead in real life! They are much older in years than their characters seem to be - always eternally handsome, beautiful, flawless. Marlena must be the most well preserved woman I've evern seen. Maybe she has a cryovacc face mask to use at night or she has weekly infusions of embalming fluid or something strange and bizarre so that she doesn't age!

Then I did a few blogging rounds over to Sue J, Ngaire (who is a better pick-me-up then Berocca!), Dares and caught up with the forum on Cyberscraps. Now it's 10 o'clock and I have to sit and actually get some typing done (the professional kind, not the recreational kind!).

OOOhhhhhh bitch of the day - the ex-husband who let our almost 12 year old son get SOOOO badly sunburnt on a day trip to Coochiemudlo Island that even a week later he looks like he has first degree burns and the skin has just fallen of his back from his shoulders to his hips. The worst part is that getting angry at the ex is like yelling at a tree stump - there won't be much of a reaction as there's nothing there but wood!!!!! So poor Blayd is going to the doctor tomorrow as the burns are so deep he is getting patches of infection and I'm sure it's gonna take more than ice and moisturiser to fix the mess. Makes me so mad as it was completely avoidable!!! FOUR LETTER WORDS!!!!!!! He must have been in agony the last week. I don't know how he slept. If I get sunburnt I'm feeling it for a few days and sleeping, sitting, moving is all stingy, but he is way beyond any sunburn I've ever seen. I'm going to look like a great mum taking him to the doctors tomorrow looking like that. How do I explain that it wasn't me? Sure, I've seen my kids get a little sunburnt occasionally when we are out at the beach or something, just because they've been in the water the whole time and even though I make them reapply the sunscreen, it occasionally happens and the next day they have a pink tinge. They don't however look like someone lined them up against a wall and tried to toast them with a flamethrower, as is the case here. Well I'll just answer any questions that I can, considering I haven't seen Blayd for the last three weeks, and see what we can do for him. I feel so bad for him and I had nothing to do with it. I told him I'd take him to the doc tomorrow and he sounded so bloody grateful! MORE FOUR LETTER WORDS!!! So that's my bitch for today - quite founded on this occasion I believe!

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