Tuesday, 23 January 2007

It's Tuesday and everybody is cranky!

Don't ask me why but everybody in the house (for once not including me) woke up really cranky. Caeligh got up and proceeded to cause havoc and destruction from the moment her feet hit the bedroom floor, spreading toys, "making" her breakfast with an entire bag of sugar and a tsunami of milk across the coffee table, smearing foundation all over my computer screen, finding her reward stamp and putting big bright pink stamps all up her arms and over her pj's, unmade my bed for me, helped herself to iceblocks any time someone wasn't watching her every move, turned off Daddy's computer while he was burning a disc, tipped her brother's marbles all over the floor, dumped the last tub of moisturiser I had on the bathroom floor and smeared it around for good measure, threw a dustpan full of crumbs and crap onto the kitchen floor and generally hooted, hollered and made a mongrel of herself every second of her day until she left for kindy. The boys weren't much better. James also got on the hoot'n and holler'n bandwagon about not wanting to go to kindy even though he's only got three days left until he starts grade 1 next week and then didn't want to change his clothes and then wanted to wear only a dirty shirt and then NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDED to find the bag for his Blue's Clues sleeping bag so he could take that to kindy (you know, the kindy he didn't want to go to a minute before!) and threw a wobble about that because quite frankly I think I threw it away (but I certainly wasn't going to admit that, I just said we'd look for it when he came home, bad mummy.....). Lachlann and Blayd are at home this week instead of at holiday care at kindy becuase they didn't have many school aged kids last week or this week and thus no age appropriate activities so they spent the week at each other's throats at kindy and annoying everybody else so basically the teacher breathed a sigh of relief when I said they wouldn't be coming this week after all. I don't dislike the kindy teachers that much that I'd inflict those two upon them again after last week. So they're here and crabby because I've asked them to do some tidying up for me while I work. I think they equate being at my computer to playing because that's what it is when they are at their computer. They don't get that apart from a bit of mucking around on the net here and there I do actually have to get work done for 99% of my day while I've said they can't touch their computer until their chores are done. What a bloody hoo-haa that's turning out to be. They are excellent at making excuses as to why they can't, shouldn't, won't be able to do what I've asked them to. In turn after all the kerfuffle Doug has left for work in a crappy mood after refereeing, helping get little whingers ready and firing off job requests to the big whingers and he was late because of a burst water main near his work.

So I'm very much OVER IT!!!! Heaven help the kid who walks into my room now and says they can't do their chores. I told them if they couldn't do as they were asked then they would get to spend the last week of their holidays becoming intimately acquainted with the timber floor and a scrubbing brush and would be banned from all TV, stereo, computer and xbox. Well aparently that's like threatening to have them summarily shot or something - or at least you'd think so from the reaction!

I do hope everyone else has had a better day so far. I can't complain really, they will all get over it at some point and I'll get on with my work and try to fit a leetle beet of scrapping in somewhere. I still have my How Dare You to do this week after Loretta very kindly let me borrow her idea when the perfect situation arose in my house last week so I want to be sure and get it done. Plus the Cyberscraps Feb challenge too - it would help enormously if I could get an example one done BEFORE I expect everyone else to have a go! lol

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