Wednesday, 17 January 2007

OMG Had a huge hit of inspiration for a layout!!!

I have been tossing up the idea of a layout based on that really cool Evermore song called "Light Surrounding You" that just gives me goosebumps when I hear it. If I'm really keen I'll try to put up a music/vid element and I'll download it for anyone who doesn't know the song. I loved the music and the film clip just blew me away. I had the idea to use the title at least for a layout but then had this lightning bolt of inspiration as to how to create a feature on the layout that was a little beyond the page so to speak. So even though I've got typing to finish and stuff to do today, I've called dear sweet Dougie who is going to go and buy the necessary supplies for me to carry out the grand plan. I'll need to do most of the page before I can add this last element to it but I'll really try to get it done tonight while the excitement is still fresh.

Isn't it just the coolest thing when you come up with a great idea for a layout and you just want to burst with excitement?!?!?!? Not the "that's a nice idea, I'm pleased I thought of that" type of excitement but the "OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE I CAME UP WITH THAT IDEA BECAUSE IT'S GOING TO BE THE MOST AMAZING LAYOUT I'VE EVER DONE!!!!!!!"???? THAT kind of excitement. The kind of excitement just before you get on a rollercoaster. The kind of excitement before a big night out. The kind of excitement when one of your kids has accomplished something amazing. The kind of excitement when the man you love proposes to you. Oh yeah baby that's the kind of buzz I'm talking about! Wish I could bottle that stuff as it's so rare and beautiful when it happens.

Gee I hope it turns out the way I plan otherwise this was a big waste of fizz!!!!! lol


Giovanna Scott said...

Hi Lu
I found you through Ngaire's blog and I'm soooo glad I did!! I love your boy layouts so much that I've now popped you in my "faves" list. So hard to find boy-ish inspiration for work, so I hope to visit again soon.
I totally love the Evermore song too and have done a layout already, so look here if you're interested.


Casstastrophy said...

You go girl....I am soo excited to see this creation...or creature, but I am wondering...
How am I going to scan it???!!!!!

Cool vidieo clip too babe

Jodi said...

lol Cass. Cant wait to see this creation. I hope it works out the way you have visualised it.
Good luck!!

Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Giovana, thanks for coming by and having a look! Boy layouts are such a struggle sometimes aren't they? It gets easier as more funky products come out but I remember when I first started scrapping and only had the three boys and was pregnant with my daughter. I remember thinking that all the cute stuff was just for girls and boy layouts were soooo much harder. Now I get to do both but I still agree that girl layouts are definitely better catered for. So those of us with lots of boy creatures in the house just have to get more creative! Thanks for your lovely comments, I had a quick look at your blog cos I'm working at the moment, but I really like your work! Now maybe we can inspire each other! lol Thanks again for stopping by. Talk to you soon, Lu

uknowme said...

I remember thinking that all the cute stuff was just for girls and boy layouts were soooo much harder
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