Thursday, 4 January 2007

I'm so unco at this blogger thing!! lol

I'm trying to be clever and added a Slider to my blog to display layouts but I don't know how to make the slider a permanent page element rather than a post! That's what I get for trying to be a smart ass!!!! lol

Anyway I put up some of my favourite pages atm, some are due for publication and if I'm not supposed to show them on my own private blog I hope some kind soul tells me, some are just for the hell of it and one is for the Aussie Dares blog. I've ventured over there a lot lately and done a few challenges. It's nice to share webspace with some amazingly talented people and it's a continual hive of ideas and inspiration so if you ever feel like you don't know what to scrap, dive on over (link is listed over on the right hand side of the blog) and see what the gang are up to. It's bound to get your mojo into gear again!!!

I really want to do layouts but I have cj's to finish and also a layout for my son to give his friend for his birthday on Saturday. I also want to have a big glass of chilled rozay (cos blogger's post composer doesn't have one of those e's with a doover over the top to make it sound the way it's supposed to! lol so I'm going all phonetic on you!!!) but I know I won't want to do much of anything after that so I'll wait until I've done at least one cj and then indulge.

My holidays are almost over and it's been two long blurry weeks (not beer goggle blurry!!!) but each day has just blurred into the next without the usual landmarks of the week to space things out like Mondays' at Cass's place, Tuesday and Thursday night driving the kids to karate, that kind of thing. It's nice but at the same time I'm already looking forward to the routine again.

Big year coming with Jamie starting school and he was wondering if I should call him Jame-O cos he's a big school kid now and not a preschooler. I can't even imagine where he got that idea but he has a cousin who is older called Scott-O (by family and close friends anyway) so maybe that's it. He is going to the movies on Saturday with his best friend from preschool. Jacob's parents are going too but Jamie says he wants to go without us if that's okay. He says he knows he has to behave and that he can't have the popcorn from the movies (artificial colour makes poor Jamie go off like a frog in a sock for hours!!! lol) and can I make him some to take please? And would it be okay if I just drop him off at Jacob's house and come get him later? My littlest boy is leaving me at an amazing speed but I keep thinking I will have to run faster to catch up otherwise he's going to get away from me and I won't know this little person at all one day if he gets too far ahead (or I stumble too far behind!). So we will try to encourage and enjoy Mr Independence as much as possible - while I follow closely behind with one hand held out on each side of him just in case he falls (metaphorically speaking IYKWIM).

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Alicia said...

Hi Lu. Just coming from SC to say Hi. Love all your layouts.

Mmmmmmm Slider Love