Saturday, 13 January 2007

Guilty summer fun

Before we start here folks I'm very aware there is a water crisis and thus do as much as I can in my home to save water and use as little as is possible. I guess it's a stroke of luck really that I kill any plant that comes into my yard so I don't have to worry about watering them and I truly believe that watering the grass in times like these is just plain criminal. So I figure maybe I've earned a few brownie points.......

I read that you can still use your child's little clam or blow up wading pool as long as you bucket fill it and on your allotted day of the week. So today being our watering day, I took a big plastic storage tub downstairs and half filled it from the tap with buckets and just put the kids in their swim gear and let them climb in. Almost as exciting as Christmas it's been that long since we've done that! So the littlies took little lids and cups to play with and got their brothers involved and began to throw what ended up being a couple of drops of water at Doug and I while we watched. I'm always the pest so grabbed half a bucketful and made sure Dougie got a drenching! He made sure the kids helped him to return the favour and it was just one of those fun moments when everyone was wet and nobody cared! They are those moments that make you think "wow I love my life right now!". They are those moments that you try hard to recall when life is dealing you crap and you can't see past it. I like to remember so grabbed the camera for a few snaps.
On the other end of the scale I'm not a rabid greenie either but I can also see when we're in trouble and people need to pull together and make changes for the greater good. So I don't know if we'll do the backyard tub thing again but it was fun for a warm day.
PS. I used the leftover water to put on Jamie's birdseed mix that's growing in the tub on the patio and on the only shrub in my yard that manages to survive with the sun and rain God provides! I figured it deserved a treat for clinging to life in my barren desert of a yard for so long! lol

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