Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Finally maybe some rain and still no layout!!!

It's been really hot here today, by that I mean about 35 which for our Brisbane summer has been hot so far. We haven't had good drenching rain or even a storm for that matter in weeks and weeks and it's not like we don't need the water. At the moment though it looks like clouds are gathering outside and I'd love a big loud storm to finish off the day. My air con is busting it's bahookie and still doesn't seem to be doing much. It doesn't help that Lachie is home today and is in and out of my room about every five minutes to tell me something or other. I should be glad he wants to share with me I suppose! lol

I'm so wanting to do my Aussie Dares layout and it just IS NOT HAPPENING! Lots of computer troubles today from work (which is still going as I work a full day on Wednesdays) and thankfully from their end and not mine but it doesn't help when things that need to be done can't get done and just pile up instead! What I really want to do is just turn my back on the sodding computer and do my layout. I haven't even had a moment to print out the pic I want to use. My nice photo paper is still sitting waiting patiently in the printer for me. Because the work I type is real time, it means I can't just do it later, it has to get done now as there are people waiting for it at the other end and I do have other stuff that can wait but really I should get it done too as the week is one day shorter and doctors will probably try to catch up on their stuff this afternoon and tomorrow so it's done before the long weekend. Otherwise I'm going to end up spending my Australia Day typing my behind off and I don't think I want to do that! lol

Lusi I love your idea of listing what you're thankful for. It's a perspective thing and makes you realise that however little you think you have, there is always someone with less and luckily it's not you. So people should just bloody well cheer up cos there are nicer people worse off than me so I'll give this a go. This is my year to chill and to be grateful.

1. Thankful for having an air conditioner
2. Thankful that God kept Cass and her home and family safe the other day (check her blog for her near miss which was some careless idiot's fault!)
3. Thankful that I saw a bit of Dr Phil today which reminded me (after having a particularly bad week with Blayd in terms of his attitude and behaviour) that regardless of what he says or does, I need to be the one person who will always be 100% on his side. I will have a talk to him when he gets home and remind him of how much I love him regardless of what kind of week we've had.
4. Thankful for my favourite bed sheets. They were second hand hotel sheets handed out by some very caring people at a Church in the city. We got them at a time we didn't have a lot of cash and they are the thickest, crispest white pure cotton sheets I've ever seen and sleeping on them is wonderful. I totally don't care that they were slept on by a gazillion people before I got them. I could never, even now, afford to buy those kind of sheets. I think they are like 1000 thread count and will last for ages and ages no matter how often they're washed. Come to think of it I don't even know where I would find 1000 thread count sheets......but I'm sure they'd be expensive!
5. Thankful for the big beautiful tree in my backyard. It provides my kids with shade to play, a place to hang a swing, a home for countless birds each day and something lovely and alive to look at while I work (or should I say while I daydream and stare out the window while I'm supposed to be working??? lol).

That was fun. Going to try to make that a regular thing whenever I remember. In fact, when I have a crappy day I'll write down ten things I'm thankful for, because I think that's when I need the most reminding of the great things I have in my life, even if sometimes things go wrong.

On a scrappy note, soooo looking forward to all the new CHA releases that are coming soon. I got a great link off Mrs Positive's blog to a site with lots of sneak peeks and everything is just gorgeous. I often wonder how many new ideas are there out there for scrapping, just how many new things can people dream up? And then I realise that it is as limitless as our imaginations and the imaginations of the designers and manufacturers. I always get that little butterfly of excitement when I find something new or cool or funky to use for my layouts. The new Basic Grey looks gorgeous but isn't it always??? Hope you're having a nice arvo whatever you are doing and that you get the weather you need. Here's to a good storm here and some dam filling rain!

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