Thursday, 11 January 2007

Need the rain but want the sunshine

There is a war going on outside my window as the sun struggles to break through the cloud cover. It's been overcast for days now and while lordy knows we need the rain, cloudy whether takes the spark out of my day sometimes. I'm totally a summer person, the heat, the humidity, the warm, brown skin, beach smells. Summer makes me feel really alive but this summer has been different so far. Not so much of those things I love and more like almost winter. As it is I really hate winter - won't go so far as to try on the Seasonal Affective Disorder that I've heard of because I don't actually fall into a horrible depression, winter just makes me grumpy and COLD! Don't have terrific circulation so my hands and feet always freeze at the merest hint of winter and then I spend months bundled up, not eating properly, not exercising, not taking care of business like waxing the legs and all that stuff so by the time summer actually arrives I feel like I spend half of it just catching up on the maintenance I can't be bothered with in winter. I can see more and more brightness outside now so even a few hours of sunshine would be nice. Can't we just agree to have it storm at night with lots of rain and then have beautiful sunny days? Whaddya say God? Sound good to you?

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