Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The one word thing

I've heard lots of scrappers this year getting involved with Ali Edwards' "one word" thing - choosing a word to use for the year, to think about, meditate on, to use in your daily life and reflect on. Don't even know why I'm drawn to the idea but the second I read it my word popped into my head - chill. Probably cos it's exactly what I need to do. I worry about the little things, sweat the small stuff and fuss over what will be, even as quickly as another hour, nothing of importance or even worth remembering! I guess part of it is a perfectionism streak (funny because I'm very messy and poorly organised) and I like things to be done a certain way. I don't even know why that matters as long as things get done and I'm slowly learning to let go of that. Mainly it's things like getting on the kids' case for not doing something properly. Sure there are some things that for safety, etc need to be done a certain way but not everyday crap like tidying up or helping out around the house. Lordy I should just be grateful they are willing to help! It's also stuff like Doug and I having a crack at each other over spending $10 here or there. I know money matters and there is never enough of it but IF HE WERE TO DIE TOMORROW WOULD I STILL GIVE A TOSS ABOUT A LOUSY $10???????? No no no no no no no no no! Money is transient and fluid, comes and goes, shouldn't be a biggie as long as we can pay the bills and eat every day. Childhood is transient and once it goes it's gone forever. Shouldn't bust my kids' butts or find things to pick at because one day they will not even want to stand next to me in the supermarket! I should revel in the fact that they are my babies, for however short a time, and do what I can to bolster their little often fragile egos with praise for helping, not pointing out flaws in things that DO NOT MATTER! Sorry to yell a bit, I'm just trying to emphasise and I'm sure you get what I mean.

Chill. Take a second, turn off the head and switch on the heart and see if it's still worth it. I'm betting most times it's not.

Chill - I like the sound of that, it's permission not to freak out every minute of every day and learning that I have to hand some stuff over to a power higher than me because I don't have to do it all on my own. It always seems to turn out better if I trust that there is a plan - I may not know what the plan is for today, maybe I don't need to know the plan, but it's the security of knowing there is defintely a plan.

Strange afternoon musings and time for coffee I think. It's so easy to get "lost" in pondering and my work is sitting quietly waiting for me to come back to it. Maybe that's the plan, that I should get some work done! lol


Leone said...

Lu, I could have sworn I've posted comments to your previous posts but they all seem to have disappeared?!?! Maybe I'm just getting old!

Love your word, CHILL. I think at times we could all do with that. I often stop and think, is it really worth yelling at someone for leaving a towel on the floor, or the toilet seat up? Probably not.

Have a great week.

Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Leone, I wonder too about Blogger sometimes. I try to leave messages for people sometimes and even if I'm signed in it doesn't record the comments. I don't even know why but usually I eventually give up or see if it will let me post anonymously. Thanks for stopping by. Yep chill is a great word, hard to remember when you are under pressure sometimes but that's when I know I need it most! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for having a look-see!

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