Wednesday, 31 January 2007

5 going on 15

James went to school today for only the third day of his primary school education, still the same little boy who started on Monday with the big hat, too big shirt and (now a little scuffed) clunky school shoes. Doug dropped him off at his classroom this morning and said "Now James don't -" and that's as far as he got before the now very worldly James said "Yeah I know Dad, don't go anywhere and wait here.  I knew that since yesterday".  And then James added "Dad where do the big boys wait for their parents?".  The little brain was ticking over because now he had been at school for two whole days and lets face it - you know it all by then and he had decided that he didn't need to be picked up or dropped off at his class anymore!  He wants to be dropped off at the gate and walk in by himself!  So quick thinking Dad has informed James that parents wait where his gran would be waiting that afternoon.  It satisfied him - for today anyway!  Why is he in such a rush?  He's still so physically little get in his mind he's now ten feet tall and bulletproof because he goes to school (yes, all 15 collective hours of school in his entire life thus far!).  I don't think I was prepared for the huge leap in sudden maturity that he thinks he has acquired by walking through those gates, although it did start a few days before in his mind.  The funny if it weren't true thing is that I can remember thinking exactly the same thing at that age!  It's almost as if he has transformed overnight into one of his brothers - the slothing on the couch when they walk in the door, not lifting a finger to help unless you as ten times and then threaten taking away TV, hanging out in their room watching them play computer games, just being with them instead of playing with his sister.  It's as if he has decided what makes a grown up kid and has decided to model his behaviour on that.  On the other hand it's a little exciting as he is so much his own little person now. Last week he was my little boy playing dollies with his sister to keep her amused and this week he's a teenager in a five year old's body!!!  Help!!!!  I have enough boy creatures in the house without my little man turning into one too!!!!
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