Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Grrrrrr - no patterned paper!

Well that's not entirely true. I'm sure I've got at least 500 patterned papers here but I don't have the exact right one I need immediatley right now! lol Does that seem reasonable to you? If you are a scrapper then I bet it does! It's not like I even know which one I need. I've been shuffling a couple of page elements around (for a non-photo layout) for about an hour now and each different pp I try looks fine to begin with but after a moment my elements just say "No" in a little quiet voice. I'm starting to feel like a mother with a kid whose never satisfied no matter what you do. Do you want this? No. What about this? No. This one? No no no no no no no!!!! My page elements are having a screaming two year old hissy fit!~

Maybe I should stop letting the pages talk to me- I think I'd get more done.........

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