Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Yay for Cass!

A big shout out to my best bud Cass who has her first layout published in the current issue of For Keeps that went on sale today! It's issue 51 and her layout is on the contents page as well as on a full page spread in the Monochromatics Gallery. It's called Sunshine and Little Girls. The photos are of her daughter Lily and my daughter Caeligh prancing about in the spare lot beside Cass's house. It was a lovely spring day and the owners never mow the block (disastrous in fire season but you might want to look at the link to her blog to read more on that!) so the grass was lovely and green. We trussed the girls up in long white dresses and got snapping. We were kind of doing okay, as okay as you can get with two little girls who will only pose for so long, when poor Miss Lil got an ant bite on the bum and as you can imagine the whole shoot was over at that point! But the layout is fantastic and well deserving of being published. Cass has had an amazing six months in terms of acceptances, mainly from SM, but the For Keeps pub is her very first.

Huge congrats to ya girl!!!! Keep an eye out for Cassandra Glass - you'll be seeing a whole lot more of her amazing and very individual work in the next few months, esp. next month's Scrapbooking Memories! She's also on DT at Cyberscraps if you want to see more of her great layouts.

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