Friday, 19 January 2007

Its just like but not really......

My desk where I work is in my room and as I had an early start today I've had a steady stream of small children coming in with vague and odd questions and requests, I guess just because that's how they get to spend time with me on the mornings I have to work really early. Today is no exception and James has been my conversationalist this morning.

James walks in, stops next to me:

J: Mum why do you scrapbook?
M: Cos it's fun?!?
J: Oh (turns and leaves)

James returns a half an hour later and picks up a Heidi Swapp edge distressor:

J: Mum what's this?
M: It's an edge distressor, honey. It roughs up the edges of paper. See? (I demonstrate on an old envelope for him)
J: Oh I see, it makes it a bit rough. Um that thing looks just like a lilypad Mum. Except that it's pink and lilypads aren't pink are they Mum? They're green.
M: No, you're right baby, they're green.
J: And it has one of those sharp things and lilypads don't have those.
M: No babe lilypads don't have sharp things.
J: And it has that writing on it too and lilypads don't have writing on them either.
M: No James they don't have writing on them (me laughing a bit by now at his seriousness)
J: So it's just like a lilypad except it is pink, and has that sharp thing and that writing and stuff. Yeah I guess it's the same...... (turns and wanders off again).

Honestly the conversations we have........!

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