Thursday, 1 February 2007

Ah domestic bliss

Last night as Dougie and I were rushing around the house in the usual whirl of bathing small kids, getting dinner ready, doing the pick up in the lounge room so it didn't look like a bomb site and directing homework and chores for the older boys. Right in the middle of the mess and chaos Dougie grabbed me in the loungeroom for a passionate kiss. It was great for the first few moments until I started laughing as the reality of what was around us kicked in! Here we were, kissing madly in the middle of the living room - he holding the vacuum cleaner by the handle in one hand and an armful of baby dolls in the other that Caeligh had left on the loungeroom floor, me standing there in my daggy house shorts and a singlet, with a Class Representative form in one hand for one of the kids, a kitchen sponge in the other hand and a jar of Chicken Tonight tucked under my arm!! Caeligh was standing next to us screeching to be picked up and the TV was blaring and there was a cat yowling for its dinner and Blayd and Lachie were fighting over something ridiculous.

All of a sudden I realised what a good thing Doug and I are onto here. Despite all of the "domestic bliss" around us we can still shut ourselves in a little private bubble for a few moments of intimacy. I didn't realise how often we do that but I also didn't realise how lucky we are either. So I'm not ranting about anything today, I'm just really grateful that we have such a wow relationship and despite all of the daily grind we can still find each other amongst the mess! I know I can't be the only one who has those moments and I may even scrap that moment so I remember that there are always moments of gold amidst the crap!

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