Friday, 9 February 2007

Allelujah!!!! Allelujah!!!! Alle-lu-jah!!!!! You know how it goes!!!

Finally my SM arrived in the post today and yes, I still found my layout first even though I've already seen it, and then I found Cass's and then I went and read Lusi's Real People, Real Stories segment!

Now I've got a minute to have a good look. I like the cover - the Basic Grey Lily Kate was harder for me to do anything with that I first thought. I loved loved loved it when I saw it and even when it was put into my hands. Cath gave us the entire range each as well as the Romani to do DT layouts with but to this date I've only ever done one with the Lily Kate. I just looked at it and nothing came!!!! I have promised myself to revisit it over the weekend though because I have some awesome new chipboard and alphas (if you like cheap and fabbo chipboard you should have a look at - over the weekend we're putting up on the website a range of great chipboard alphas and embellishments at very affordable prices, we're talking cheap enough you can buy all of them type cheap!!!) and I may as well use up some of the stash of pp.

In the Scrapshop I love the K&Co Frippery bracelet. I was given one as a DT project and still haven't done it. I don't have an excuse now my printer is working so I will have to shoot off some pics small enough to put into the little photo holder charms. It's one of those things that I really want to do but have trouble finding the time for. I don't love OTP so maybe that's why but I know I'll wear it all the time once it's done. Can anyone spell procrastination????

Love Gallery - really love Chrissy Berry's Love Is.... layout, it's the photo that makes it such a knockout and I also love Leone's I Will Always Love You. Yay for Leone!!!

Master The Art - Sandra you always wow me with your work!!! So love Tilly's layout and the dimension and depth is just fantastic.

Cactus Pink chipboard - mmmmmmmmmm chipboard........drooooooooool!

Okay not even going to comment on poppets because it's just one of those crazes that never appealed in the slightest - I have never even attempted which is a bit sad for me that I'm not even willing to try the style. Pass me a big glass of red and we'll see ...then another........then another.....poppets what are they? Oh I couldn't possibly have a go now I'm too tipsy!!!!

The top 10 trends were interesting with some old faves like simplicity (which I'm not very good at) but I'm going to say I think I fall into the freestyle category. I've never followed a sketch in my life and I'm not very good with rules. You know me - I do what the paper tells me to!!! Did shape and dimension ever go out??? What?? You never told me that!!!!! Love the Asian and Middle Eastern influences as long as it's not too kitschy (sp? Drs don't say that word much!). Not huge on kits but again I've never had one handed to me and been told to work with it. Beads are great but I haven't gone there enough - if you want beads go see Cass she is bead crazy!!! Better still she makes it work every time. Bohemian is very cool and I like that trend. Stitching is awesome but I have to confess that essentially I'm lazy and if I can get the same result with a souffle pen then bugger a needle and thread!!! I have been fake stitching for ages now and really like the effect without the effort. Now for my last rant - since when did rub-ons lessen in popularity so that now they can become a trend again???? I adore rub-ons and totally love rub-on alphas. I've even given up alpha stamps in favour of rub-ons because I'm too impatient even to wait for paint to dry!!! lol Don't understand that one myself......

Expressions Gallery - well what can I say but there's my cranky girl!!! Also love Jodie Davidson's How Dare You Tell Me No and Louise Spiden's Photo Out-Takes. I have so many out take photos it's not funny - exactly where I got my Are You Cranky picture from - I was trying to have a nice calm photo shoot when her royal highness got sick of it!!!

Grandparents - love Jennifer Hall's Cherished Always. There's something about those papers that calls me every time I walk in the LSS!!! Also liked Gabriella Campbell's Treasured Memory, again great photo that tells the story.

Cute As A Button - Sandra you have done it again with a knockout layout - I love the contrast of colour and B&W and if I remember I've seen Jeni O'Connor do a similar layout with her twins. It still sticks in my memory because it was so gorgeous and distinctive.

Real People, Real Stories - Lusi you are the bomb girl!!!! So loved reading your story and you know this is only the start for you!!!

Subs - Oh thank goodness there are more than two!!! Although I'm moving away from scrapping just for the purpose of submitting, it's still nice to have a good number to choose from because if you can put a page call spin on a layout you were going to do anywell well all the better then!!!

Final Encore - oh well I'm biased here! Yay for Cass and her fab Beautiful Girl which she has waited ages for!!! What a cutie that Miss Lil is!!! Also liked Janelle Wind's Brown Bear and Penny Hackney's Growing Up

Really REALLY REALLY love the Autumn Leaves unmounted stamps on the back cover!!! One set is not enough!!!

So there's the wrap up from my desk and didn't I have to wait for it!!! I'm sure I'll jump onto the couch later tonight and have a really good look through once the small creatures are in bed.

I'm going to go finish some work, have some hawaiin pizza on cheese burst base (cos ya know my behind is just NOT BIG ENOUGH!!!) and wait for Dougie to come home. HRH will be home from Gran's any minute for a bath and to get ready to go to Lachie's monumental three note bass guitar performance at school and then it's off to ballet for the world's most unlikely ballerina! Yes the camera is fully charged and yes the SD card is empty!!!! And of course I'll share later - how much later depends on whether she lasts the whole class or not!!! lol

Sandra thanks for the offer btw - I may actually have to take you up on it as Dougie's come down with my dreaded lurgy and he sounds like death warmed up on the phone so I may be flying solo this weekend as far as my computer goes!!!! Thanks so much for being so generous with your time and talent!!!

ttyl (talk to you later), Lu

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