Sunday, 11 February 2007

Boys' choice weekend

Oh so nice to finally have a reason to sit down!!! lol Busy weekend so far for one where we didn't actually have much on.

Cricket yesterday.....we played at Yeronga High School, a mere 4km from the city centre but the location geographically meant that even though we were right smack bang in the middle of inner suburbia, the oval was freakishly quiet and even the train running right next to it barely made a whisper. Lovely quiet morning - if Blayd was an only child! As it was Cass and I had Blayd and Scott on the field and Kris, Lachie, Jamie, Caeligh, Lily and Ronin to deal with. One was happy to read a book and the others all just went crackers. Maybe it was too quiet for them. We finally accepted defeat and left Doug to watch the boys play the last couple of hours and Cass and I dragged the rest kicking and screaming into the car to go back to her place where at least we knew where they were and what they'd be getting up to. Pit stop on the way home however to pick up the latest SC!
Off to the hairdressers for Blayd and Lachie and Doug and I even got Caeligh's hair trimmed. I know I didn't want her to know that scissors were for cutting hair but she's figured that out herself the hard way and maybe she will get that only qualified people with scissors should do it. And yes, it was only the most miniscule lenght off the ends at the back! I'm just lucky she sat still the whole time. It must have been a relaxing day for Lachie who looked a little flat as we got out at the shops and I asked if he was tired which he quickly denied and then equally as quickly fell asleep in the chair at the hairdressers for half an hour!!!!
Last night the boys went to a mate's place to play computers. It's like a military operation here on lan days (lan means Local Area Network if you're not big into computers and it means that a group of grown men all take their computers to a mate's place, link them up and play shoot 'em ups like kids, eat pizza and drink copious amounts of full strength Coke for about eight hours). For lanning to occur Doug and Lachie both have to pack up their computer boxes, the monitors, their gaming keyboards, cables, connectors, steering wheels and pedals, headphones and about a million other bits of jiggery pokery into big storage tubs and load up the van. It probably takes about an hour to get everything ready. I don't even think twice about it these days because I know it's buying me some quiet later!
I was going to scrap but my little sister came over for a visit so we sat on the couch, had pizza and talked for hours. It was lots of fun and we don't get to do it very often so I don't mind giving up a bit of scrapping time.
Then up again this morning to go to the Motor Show at the convention centre. Poor Lachlann was bitterly disappointed when we got there and he saw what actually goes on. He had in his mind a vision of cars doing burnouts in the exhibition halls and lots of Top Gear action at high speed in expensive cars!!! lol I had to laugh. I told him they don't even turn any of the cars on! He was not quite as enthused now as he had been when we left home. And then he got lost repeatedly as he became enamoured with the various sports cars as we walked around so part of the time was spent finding him. I found a lovely car for myself (the purple one below, totally impractical and not affordable) and then found myself getting turned on by the new Toyota Tarago with the all leather interior, woodgrain dash (a bit tacky I thought) and the rear seats which extent into recliners and the electronic sliding doors on both sides. You know you've really lost your quality of life when you can get excited about whitegoods and people movers..... The boys got lots of free posters and enviro-bags so all in all had fun except that they were really thirsty when I refused to pay $4 for a bottle of coke - I had the money but I refused on principle!!!!! Even the vending machines in the lobby outside wanted that much - robbery!

This afternoon I get to - wait for it - it's a really big surprise - WORK!!!!! I'm like lots of self-employed people I guess - I sometimes resent that how well off we are for the week financially depends on how much of my personal time I have to give up on top of the hours I normally work during the week. Doug used to say (with very little sympathy in his voice I might add!) "I'm sorry you have to work more hours but think of the money". These days he doesn't say it anymore because he knows it irks me like nothing else on earth!!!! Now he just stands there next to my desk rubbing his finger and thumb together to remind me why I work!!!

I can't complain though, scrapping at Cass's place tomorrow YAY!!!! I really wanted to have a go at Emily Falconbridge's cards but I'm scared that if I start I won't be able to keep up and I hate falling behind and being slack with stuff like that. I'm also scared I won't be able convert what I can do in 12 x 12 down into such a small space. Yeah I know - think of it as a challenge!!! We'll see......BUT LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!

These are Lusi's stamps. WOOHOO FOR YOU BABE!!!!! They are now available for sale after much anticipation and faffing around and we are all so thrilled for ya girl! Lusi's blog is linked on the side bar if you want to have a good look and get ordering information.
Off to hit the keys now and throw on the roast veges for my chicken kebab wrap thingies!

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Leone said...

Chicken kebab thingies sound YUMMY!!! What a cool coloured car - love purple. Thanks for the lovely mention about SM. Aren't Lusi's stamps to die for? oFF TO HAVE A LOOK AT HER BLOG NOW.

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