Thursday, 15 February 2007

One very URGH morning but got the mini book done

Well today was one of those awful crappy mornings where no child seems able to shower, dress or feed themselves unaided, not even the high school one! They have written routines on their walls for this very reason but apparently today nobody can read my standards even it was a really bad morning with lots of yelling and stress made worse by James and Caeligh who went to their gran's after school yesterday and I can't even fathom what kind of junk she fed them as they've both been screaming/angry/crying continually ever since, all yesterday afternoon and evening and sleep didn't even fix things and they got up and continued today. Caeligh also tipped out all of the fish's food on the floor and emptied out a bottle of liquid paper on herself, in her hair and on my bed. James had a choking, gagging, screeching tantrum about a slice of bread and all the kids just told us whatever they thought we wanted to hear so we'd get off their backs meaning things were left behind, stuff wasn't ready and other miscellaneous items were forgotten. My eldest would apparently like to live with his father now (not in a million years but we won't go there).

But I did get my minibook finished yesterday. It was a race down to the wire as I didn't start it until about 2.30 yesterday afternoon and put the finishing touches on as Doug was walking in the door. Thank goodness he loved it. He bought me a box of chocolates when we went grocery shopping Tuesday night for us to share and yesterday he brought me home a special Valentine's Day Nudie Juice which I love but they're usually really expensive so I'll have that while I'm working today. It has rasperries, cranberries and something else. The juice is a lovely deep pink and there is a little Nudie cupid on the bottle. Very cute. We didn't buy each other anything really because for the first year ever we've both gotten to that point where we don't need to. I felt like the amount of work I put into the book was worth more from my point of view than anything I could have bought him (apart from a new computer monitor maybe!). Neither of us felt like we'd missed out or weren't appreciated on Valentine's Day. It's one celebration where I know the commercialism has far surpassed the original sentiment of the day. I took a heap of photos but I'm having some tech issues so I'll post them up later in the day.

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