Friday, 23 February 2007

You know you're broke when......

....your nine year old who knows the tooth fairy isn't even real still knows that a couple of bucks usually still turn up under the pillow except for the fact that the "tooth fairy" hasn't got any change in the house!!! lol It's just crazy, normally change is a pain in the butt and I do my utmost to use it up, as I have this week, and now the "tooth fairy" hasn't been to the bank either today so officially the Tooth Fairy is bankrupt! Oh he's going to have some rollicking good tales of his childhood when he grows up....."we were so poor the tooth fairy declared bankruptcy!" and don't forget that luvly broad Yorkshire accent that goes with it! I have visions of the Monty Python skit where they sit around trying to out-do each other with stories of their poor impoverished childhoods! lol

Ballet was 99% okay today. HRH was sleeping when picked up from Gran's and went back to sleep in the car so she got about an hour and a half in total which is good solid time for her. We picked up all the boy creatures from school and went back to Cass's place to get cleaned up and dressed. She was very excited today and the only reason I could see was that I had put all of her ballet gear in one of my denim shoulderbags along with her hair ties, hair net, about a million bobby pins and her brush and her Disney princess drinkbottle. She was too impressed for words that she had her own ballet bag. The fact that it's an old bag I never use anymore and looks a little on the tatty side made me feel a bit bad that she got so excited so I've vowed to get her a brand new "girly" ballet bag for her birthday next week so she'll have something nicer to use. She went into class with her communication book (an exercise book covered in contact which gets a sticker put in it each week after class) and her drink bottle and her ballet (tat) bag and gave the book to her teacher and put her bag down just inside the door with her grotty baby doll sticking out and set her drink bottle on the bench as well. We were doing so well until I went to go outside and she decided she didn't want to be there by herself. That carry on went on for about five minutes while I tried the usual Mummy strategies of encouraging, then offering rewards, then offering outright bribes and eventually suggesting she'd miss out on her beautiful dancing if she didn't go and join in with everyone else. She was still reluctant so I put it down to the fact that I was just sitting there and every time she saw me she'd walk back over and want me to pick her up. By ten minutes into the class I took her by the hand, walked over to the teacher and asked if she would take Caeligh's hand while I left the room, which I did at speedy pace and I didn't even look back. Oh bad harsh mummy...... A minute later I peeked through the back window to see what she was up to and she was laughing and running around with her chiffon scarf with all the other little girls and she had a fabbo time! She was thrilled to see me at the end of class when I came back in and she showed me her new sticker in her book and I made sure I gave her a big hug and told her how proud of her I was for joining in and having fun. I'm glad she didn't crack it and enjoyed it even more today than her first lesson.

My little sister is off to the races tomorrow for a girlfriend's birthday. V. exciting. Can't say I've ever been to the races but it's one of those things I say that each year I'll get around to doing....I just have trouble swinging the whole cocktail dress and cutesy clutch purse look, made even more difficult because I don't actually OWN a dress - of any description - and I'm even pretty skirt-shy normally too. But who knows, with Cyberscraps having a shop maybe this year we can have a Melbourne Cup thing in the shop and I'll get my excuse to dress up and wear a ridiculously over-embellished hat. Have a good day Leish! Don't hit the champers too early!!!

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Let me just say 'we used to live in a cardboard box in t'middle of road!!' :)

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