Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Oh funny coincidence and maybe the secret to getting pubbed!

Well yesterday afternoon I took up Ali's challenge to list my ten favourite layouts and they were the ones I am most proud of for various reasons which I dutifully listed next to each.

One of those layouts was about my typical day with a B&W pic of me done on My Mind's Eye Magnolia papers. I had originally submitted it a few months ago after I'd done it but it wasn't picked up by anybody. Then yesterday as I was putting together my list of fave layouts I realised SM had a call for "A Day In The Life" so I subbed it again yesterday (thinking it would get knocked back again but you never ever know) and would you believe - Krys emailed me back just now to say it's been accepted!!!! lol Obviously the key to having something published is to decide to post the layout on your blog in the assumption it's never going to be needed again!

I am feeling for all you gals atm who have households full of gastro bug!!!! It just sounds like it's doing the rounds everywhere. My lot have all been sick for the past week (at different and sometimes overlapping times of course - for maximum parental inconvenience and worry!!!!)and last night I didn't feel so crash hot myself so took a Stemetil that I had in the bedside table drawer and went to bed. I feel okay today but I'm still not one hundred percent sure I've dodged the pukey bullet yet! So my sympathies ladies and I hope it's all over quickly!

I'm in awe of the fab Lisa Le-Ray. She sounds like she's done so much, been through so much and yet what an amazingly positive and fun person she strikes me as! Love your stuff Lisa!

Lusi I hope Brett had a cool birthday and that you spoiled him as much as he deserves!!! lol

I'm sitting here doing another layout with the BG Pheobe papers. If you've seen the range you will probably recognise the pink paper with all the multicoloured circles. Stupid me I've had the irresistable urge to cut them all out. Just ridiculous but I hope it turns out okay!!!

I'm really trying to keep on top of the workload this week so I can fit in more scrapping time. I have a tendency to let blogging and blog reading get in the way and I don't get as much done ealry in the week as I need to and therefore I'm left with a big crazy sleep depriving rush by Thursday/Friday so this week I said STOP!!!! I will pace myself, be more proactive during the day so I can scrap and watch the TV shows I want to at night (like tonight cos House and Medium are on - Hugh Laurie yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - yes I know he's old and that's sad but there's just somethin' about that man!!!).

Cass has just come over. She very incredibly kindly dropped James at home for me. He got into a "head clash" at school during playtime with another kid who banged his head on Jamie's cheek and he got the whole ice pack and sympathy bizzo but still wanted to come home. So the teacher rings me to collect him and I am assuming that it's because he's really upset and proper injured and Doug has left his mobile at home so I can't get in touch with him, the MIL is not home either and I don't have a car so I rang Supa-Cass and asked if she could give him a lift as she lives on a minute from the school. She dropped home a perfectly unscathed James who seems just ducky with nothing wrong at all!!! It turned out okay though because we had coffee and those Orange Delight biscuits and she hunted through my stash for a couple of finishing touches for her SM product challenge. You know how antsy it is when you can't find the very last thing that will complete the masterpiece? Well that's what she had going on but she knows what she's going to do now and let me tell you it looks completely fab so far and I can't wait to see the finished product. Everyone else will get to see whenever the product challenge gets published - I don't actually know how far away that is but I'll ask Cass if she knows.

Well back to work and typing and putting together bits of layouts in between typing!!

Cya, Lu :)

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