Friday, 2 February 2007

Why does a rainy day equate to a junk food lunch?

I'm starting to think about lunch and it's raining a bit outside. My mind immediatley turns to junk food, warm, comforting junk food I guess! I'm quite lazy by nature so I don't actually want to leave the house which may well be my saviour here! The bakery has fantastic meat pies (I never ever think about what goes into them!) but there's KFC and a Maccas nearby but I prefer Hungry Jacks if we're talking burgers. There is a really good kebab place around too and a Brodies for hot chicken rolls. Or I could do my bum a favour and go to the supermarket and get a Lean Cuisine instead.....but it doesn't seem as nice and I don't feel like cooking it myself!! Ha ha I told you I was lazy!!! Pizza doesn't do it for me since Dominos stopped making the Triple Cheese (I'm sure it stands for the trilogy of modern illness - three layers of gooey cheesy goodness that guarantees heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity!!!).

I've finished my Aussie Dares layout (sorry Sue, I'm going to be submitting it really last minute as usual!). I've had an idea for Helen's weekly Cyberscraps challenge but I don't know yet if it will happen.

This afternoon I've got to go and pick James up from school and while I'm there go find Blayd and give him his cricket whites (which I only remembered this morning he needs washed for his match tomorrow - slacker mum!!!). I'm thinking that this will be the first time ever that Jamie and I will have that alone after school time as Caeligh is with the MIL and the big boys are going home with their dad so it will be just the two of us. I think I need to plan something special for him - maybe a special afternoon tea or we could stop for ice cream on the way home. He's picked up the daily routine so well and I'm really proud of him. This first week of school hasn't been as bad as I'd anticipated. I had visions of having to turn the fire hose on them all after six weeks of sleeping in every day!!! Blayd has even gotten into the habit of having a coffee with Doug and I as we go about our morning stuff, all part of his new high school persona I imagine! Oooh I forgot, his "special" friend from last year didn't go up to high school with him, it turns out that because they are in mixed classes with different year levels poor Blayd didn't realise that she's actually a year younger than him so he's had to leave her behind!!! He did tell me though that he went to find her this week to see how her holidays were and to say hi so that was sweet of him.

Lachie is starting bass guitar lessons next week (break out the earplugs ladies and gentlemen!!!) so he's quite excited to be the "muso" in the house. He's so emo so he'll get right into it I think!

I'm off to find out what's for lunch, I'm sure my laziness will help me decide!

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