Wednesday, 7 February 2007

It worked!!!

The remedy the Careflight man told me about is actually called Senega and Ammonia Mixture (Without Chloroform). I had a good cackle about the lack of chloroform which to me sounds like the best part of the mixture if you feel like crap. It would be nice to just drift off into unconsciousness for a few days until your body got over the flu and you could wake up feeling ever so much better!! To be honest it tastes like poison and smells as bad but I had some last night and fell into bed at about 6.30pm (thank you so much to a very brave and valiant Dougie who did the whole evening routine with 4 kids by himself after he put me to bed).

I've woken up this morning still with a blocked nose and congested chest but feeling human again. Yesterday I felt like death warmed up and had a lot of trouble just being awake and today at least I feel okay apart from those two remaining symptoms which I can live with, as long as I don't feel like I want to curl up in a ball and die as well, which I don't! So thanks be to Him for putting that nice Careflight man in touch with me right when I needed it and for guiding me to something that really helped. Weird how things work out!!

I do feel for Doug though, last night was one of those really busy nights - Blayd had karate, Lachlann had brought home his bass guitar and amp from school to practice, James was cranky because he's coming down with the same bug I've got and Caeligh was whingy because she's gettng over the same but I've got. He had to supervise guitar practice, make dinner, put little people in baths, help Blayd with maths homework, wash school uniforms, dress small people, check the boys' school diaries, fill in kindy forms, clean up the loungeroom, pack the dishwasher and get the boys to tidy up their room. The man is just a wonder and I don't know how he does it all. I even struggle some days trying to get done all the stuff that has to get done and he can keep it all in the air alone! He's a keeper that boy.........

Nothing much on the menu today except for catching up on work I couldn't do for the past couple of days cos I've been sick, maybe throw a couple of loads of washing on, catch up with the Cyberscraps forum and Cass is coming over this morning for coffee and to show me the new Scrapbooking Memories that she got before I did!!! Damn my slacker postie!!! It's funny though, sometimes I'll get it first and sometimes she will. We live less than 10km apart but I guess it just depends how and when the mags arrive at the delivery centres and if they make that day's round or not.

Anyway I'm off to start work. Hope you have a great day and beware of the dreaded lurgy!!!!

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