Monday, 5 February 2007


I'm grateful for:

1. Having the chance to send Caeligh to ballet even though I don't think she will like it
2. Having enough ink left in my printer this morning to do my Quick Share layout photo
3. Having all my kids at home again under the same roof as every second weekend when the big boys are away it's a mixture of more quiet but missing them lots
4. Having a really understanding DH who lets me spend more on my scrapping than normal because the LSS had a sale
5. Having man size tissues in the house for my cold and for my beautiful sons who realise I'm sick and offer to run a hot tea production line all afternoon for me and...
6. For my best friend Cass who always reminds me to take care of myself when I'm sick (as a mother who is always taking care of everybody else it's nice to have someone around to remind you to look after yourself sometimes too!)

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