Friday, 16 February 2007

Can you help if you have a minute?

My best mate Cass, as some of you know, has a phot entered into the Look Up and Smile competition which is run by the Australia Day council. The pic you see is a shot she took of her daughter at the beach which she has entered. If you like the pic could you scoot on over to and have a look through the most viewed? It should be on the first page of the gallery. There is a voting button there if you like the shot. Today is the last day for voting and the winner will be announced next week and I'd love to drum up some more support for her if we can. The first prize is a holiday package and if anyone needs a holiday lordy knows its my best pal Cass! Thanks for helping out if you've got the time or the inclination!
Isn't Miss Lil just the cutest in her little Baywatch costume!!!

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