Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Valentine's Day mini book

I've just had this ridiculous idea to do Dougie a mini-book for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Well it wouldn't be quite so ridiculous if I hadn't just decided to start it now, when I have no real time to do it and am supposed to be keeping up with my normal work and doing the extra stuff as well!!! Why oh why do these things come to me at the very last minute???? I have no idea why it happens to be honest. I guess it's one of those things where I figure I'll think about it closer to the time and then the rest of life gets in the way and all of a sudden it's there right at my doorstep and I haven't got any time left to do anything!

I've never given Dougie anything I've scrapped before - I guess I always thought he wouldn't want something I'd made myself and would prefer something bought from a store but now I'm wondering to myself why wouldn't he want something I had made him????? Sure I might get him something from the shops to go with it but I've just had one of those huge lightbulb moments where I've realised that maybe he would even like something I had made. Honestly I don't know why I've never given it a go before. I do lots of making things for other people for special occasions but I've just never done it for Doug. Gosh I can be thick sometimes! lol

If you have any great ideas or suggestions for a minibook for Valentine's Day please drop me a comment to let me know! I've got to work until lunchtime but I'll try to gather wool and ideas until then. I'd love to hear if you've done something similar or know of any cool ideas!

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Jeni O'Connor said...

Just wanted to pop in and say THANKS for your comment on my Reality Bites. That means so much to me.

Gosh I love your Valentine's lo

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