Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Got an old fashioned cold and flu remedy?

I'm so going to throw this open to anybody with a home-made remedy for cold and flu. Caeligh has been a bit sick over the weekend but by Sunday I had woken up with what I thought was a normal cold. Over the last two days it has morphed into the plague from where I'm sitting. I feel like the living dead....earache, sore throat, headache, chest full of crap and even coughing hurts. I'm usually happy to buy anything over the counter if I think it will help but I can't actually leave the house because Doug has the car so if anybody can suggest something I can concoct from my pantry that would be great. I don't even know how to make a hot toddy!!! Can you tell that I'm very domestically challenged here??? lol

So apart from that it's Tuesday so back to work. There's already stuff piled up from last week that I didn't finish despite my best efforts. The really terrific part about working for yourself is that there's nobody to take over if you get sick (did you pick up that teensy bit of sarcasm there??? lol). So while I'd love to go back and hide under my blankies for the day we can't actually afford for me not to work so I'll push on. I've got coffee, I've got chocolate, I've got a big bottle of water and some panadol. It's the whole "worse things have happened to better people" thing. Ngai's blog reminded me of that very fact last week and I am very grateful that I only have a cold, it will go away in a few days and that I will be just fine by next week. What I feel right now will just be a memory, not even a very recollectable one at that and my life will just go on as it always has. There are people whose lives will never be the same due to illness and I'm grateful that I'm normally healthy and those who are sick are in my prayers, especially Donna and her family who have so much to fight for. Best of everything to you, Donna, Imogen and family, and lots of love and prayers. There are lots of us thinking about you out here in blogging land and prayer power is the strongest power there is.

Eagerly waiting for the postie today - SM Vol 8 No 8 is on its way and Totally Lovely Lusi has hers already so a matter of time - hopefully today - until Cass and I have ours. Look out for Cass' "Beautiful Girl" layout - she's really waited a long time for that one to be published. and it's just beautiful. I've got "Are You Cranky?" in the same issue and for those who don't know my little girl, the photo is pretty indicative of how she normally goes about the day!!!! She's either causing devilment or being cranky because we've stopped her causing devilment and makes sure everybody knows!!! lol

Big congrats to the Totally Lovely Lusi also for featuring in an article in the same issue!!! You rock girl!!! So great to see your scrapping getting some great coverage and here's to much more for you this year! Lusi is one amazing girl and I always find that just by reading her blog I feel happier and definitely stronger of soul because she just radiates love and that unshakable faith that there is a big plan, not to mention she is as bubbly as Coke and Mentos - we need to find a way to bottle that, girl!!!! And then share you around with the rest of the world!!!! lol

I just got an amazing phone call. I had a lovely man from Careflight ring me, assumingly to ask for a donation and when he realised I was sick (because my voice just sounds crap) he said he wouldn't bother me today but suggested a naturopath remedy from the chemist which he said was cheap as chips and knocks and cold or flu right on the head. He said it was made by Guardian so I'll have to get Doug to go and have a look. How weird is that? that he should cross my path today when I am looking for something to make me feel better and he rang with the answer??? There's some divine intervention for you so thanks God for dropping that right in my lap. Just amazing how He works when we need it and even when we don't! I'll be sure to ring Careflight back when I get paid next week and make a donation because that nice man didn't even tell me what he had originally called about, just gave me that info, told me to get well and hung up. They do a wonderful job and I know that no matter how little I have to spare it will go to helping them help others. Wow a bit blown away by that whole experience just now!!!

Must go and get some work done but I'll update asap and esp. if the remedy works!!!


Sarah said...

Hi Lu, hope you and caeligh are feeling better soon - sorry I don't have any amazing remedies for you!!! I'm still waiting for my copy of SM this month too ...

Thanks for finding your way to my blog ... it's nice when people take the time to comment - how did that happen BTW (you finding me blog?! don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, just curious?!!! :) )

Have a good day, feel better soon.

Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Sarah I found your blog through Scrapbook City while I was having a cruise around. Nothing like seeing new places and people without having to leave my chair! lol I do try to comment because it kind of feels like walking up to someone's house and knocking on the door to see if they are home but then leaving as soon as they open the door and not saying anything- that's kind of how I think of it anyway iykwim? Thanks for stopping by. SM Subscription said to me this morning probably today or tomorrow.

Sarah said...

I made the connection after checking out your links and finding Cass's blog!!! I'm very naughty when it comes to leaving comments - I'm trying to be better, but I always think "why would they want to hear from me?"!!

lusi said...

Hey GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your sweet sweet words Lu! I'm humbled and deeply touched by what you wrote. You are so lovely hun :) You and Cass have both been such an encouragement to me since the early SAM daysa dn for that I thank God for allowing our paths to cross!
Can't wait for our chat!!!!!
Lots of love always,
Lus x

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