Monday, 12 February 2007

Talk about a temptin' subscription deal!!!!

I had a second phone call from SM this afternoon. Originally I got a call on Friday from the velvety voiced Clarence with an American accent, asking me if I would like to renew my subscription as I've only got a couple of issues left. OMG he sounded like Tone Loc!!!! I had visions of a tall muscular handsome black man with the sexiest voice!!! Talk about a subscription deal - what are SM trying to do to us poor wives and mothers????? And let's not even mention that the subscription deals were great too!!! lol Honestly it was the equivalent of having a Chippendale's stripper come 'round to sell you house cladding!!! lol It pained me to have to tell the (presumably) gorgeous Clarence that I would have to wait until next month to pay for a new subscription and he offered to call back again. He also said to ring and ask for him if I wanted to organise it sooner. By this time I've gotten a wee case of the warm flushes and I'm feeling a little girlish!!!

Oh SM you are cruel indeed to use a weapon like Clarence!!!! Don't you know that we love the mag anyway - I honestly was going to renew as soon as I had the money. You didn't need to hire men like him to ring us but I have to say that it did give me a little thrill for the day for reasons I'm not even sure of!!! lol What a sad, pathetic house wifey I've become......... :)

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