Tuesday, 13 February 2007

What is it about the rain?

We've had little storms on and off since yesterday lunchtime and I'm telling you it does something to people and machinery!!!

I stupidly left the car headlights on when I got home from picking up the boys yesterday afternoon and they were only on for a couple of hours until Doug came home and told me but it was apparently enough to flatten the battery completely. It SHOUDN'T have been enough to flatten it but it did (turns out this morning Doug hasn't even checked the water level in it for months so that's why......grrrrrrrrrrrr). So this morning it is still flat as a tack. It's so depressing to hear nothing but the dry click of the solenoid and then realisation that today isn't going to be off to a good start. I've been up since 4am doing this extra work (and still am only a third of the way through it), Caeligh has been in fine form chucking tantrums and throwing bowls of Weet-Bix around, the stove is making a delightful chemical smell after it had a small blue flame explosion last night so must get someone in today to look at that and both older boys who do know how to dress and feed themselves have aparently forgotten this morning. Doug thinks recharging the car battery will be a five minute job with his electric charger but I've got visions of him toasting himself by running an electrical device from the house to the car in the rain! So at the moment I can't go out and get some Coke Zero which is a small emergency as I won't even be able to walk to the shop until after lunch now because I have to be here for work.

And I believe my scrapping mojo has taken a (hopefully) brief vacation as I don't even want to look at my stuff. I think it's because deep down I know I have way too much work this week and OMG maybe I have suddenly developed a work ethic or something.........nah, as Doug would say THINK OF THE MONEY!!!! And all good scrappers know that money mean new stuff and new stuff means inspiration and inspiration means my mojo will come back. Ah I get it now - it's all a means to an end!

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