Friday, 23 February 2007

It really is Freaky Friday!!!

Well in a strange omen of things to come for today my eldest son (almost 12 and very much in teenager mode already) has gotten up at 5.30am and is having a shower as we speak - without having to be woken, poked, prodded, nagged or harrangued!!!! This in itself is a small miracle!

The next strange omen is that both of my early birds (James and Caeligh) are still in bed. This is a major miracle as they are both usually ALWAYS up at sparrow fart each and every day.

I'm having a serious confusion issue here as this is probably what I would say would be the start of a perfect morning if you asked me to describe in my head what my "fantasy" perfect day would be. I coudn't say from experience as it's never happened before!!! lol

I'll keep you posted as to any other weird and wonderful things that happen!

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Casstastrophy said...

Wow Babe, would you belive that Kristofer was out of bed at 6am...unheard of, and Ronin slept in till 6.30!!!! absolutly unheard of....whats going on??????? FREAKY!!!

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