Friday, 23 February 2007

Muesli and spending

I ended up going over to CyberScraps last night and bought the entire range of the BG Scarlett's Letter and Pheobe as well. I'm going to split the sets with Cass and luckily for us we're pretty good at compromise so we don't fight over who gets what and we're both happy. I loved the Happy Everything Urban Lily and the cute Urban Cuts and the May Ella but didn't love the Everyday Lily. Don't know quite why as they're not ghastly or anything, they just didn't take my fancy when I looked at the little pictures. See, I really need to hold them in my hands to get a feel for them first otherwise I end up passing up stuff I otherwise might like! So spending my pay before I get it.....AGAIN! The Stella Ruby and Perhaps are coming very soon and the Marah Johnson range is also not far away now so that's more drool over.

I'm having the most fab muesli for breakfast. I'm not a huge breakfast person, lack of time and all that stuff but I got this great stuff at Woolworths last week. It's called Be Natural Apple, Almond and something else but with hunks of dried apple, dried cranberries and pumpkin seets and sliced almonds. Very delish so it's a compliment coming from a non-breakfast type person. It was either the muesli or Weet-Bix and honestly I can't eat them without heaps of sugar which will eventually send me diabetic in the amounts I use!!!! So I figure if I can find something that doesn't need sugar and is still edible then good and I'll stick to that.

Huge work day today trying to catch up on everything before the weekend (never happens though) and not having a full day to do it in as I've got to finish up at about 2.00pm and pick Caeligh up from Gran's place, bring her home, give her a quick shower and get her ready for ballet, then go pick the boys up from school (the other parents must think I'm one of those crazy "breeders" when I herd them all into the car, my three boys and my two nephews as well!) and drop all the boys off at Cass's place and we'll take the girls to ballet. TODAY THERE WILL BE NO TANTRUMS!!!!!!

Oh so love Fridays. By lunchtime my brain has shifted down a gear and I can't do a thing to stop it, it doesn't matter how much work I still have and I start thinking about what I'm going to do tonight (probably the Thai and beer and movie thing). Tomorrow is cricket in some ridiculously far off place in the western suburbs and then tomorrow night is scrapping in blissful solitude as the little ones go for a sleepover at Gran's place and Doug takes the big boys with him to a LAN. Blayd won't get to stay all night like Lachlann does though as he has his first National All Styles tourname for karate on Sunday morning down the Gold Coast so it has to be a reasonable bed for him and an early start. Oh that reminds me to make sure his tourname dogi is clean too! I guess Sunday is going to be hanging around the house and cleaning up a bit. Next Sunday is Caeligh's 3rd birthday so I've got to figure out what we're going to do for that as well. Probably a few hours at Crazy Critters I expect. The big boys will be with their dad but they're too old for indoor play centres any way (not that they think so!).

Have a fab Friday peoples and a CHILLED weekend! No I haven't forgotten the word!

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