Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Lusting after some one-on-one time

.....with my scrapping supplies!!!! I haven't done anything since my very rushed mini book last week for Valentine's Day and now that I have a shiny new paper trimmer among other little bits and bobs I've bought lately I really want to actually use them!!!!! It's once again the situation of wanting to, got plenty of mojo, just got no time!!!! Again a money issue as well as there's money there for the making and with four kids I can't justify not doing as much work so that I can scrap instead because let's face it - even if you get stuff pubbed, by the time you take out postage, what your supplies cost you and your mag subscription because nobody gives out contributor copies these days, I can't really say I'm making any financial gain by having my layouts published. It's purely for "soul recognition" as I call it. That part of me that is buried here under the me that is a mummy, the me that is a wifey, the me that is a typist, all those other things that layer on top of who I used to be, and still am (if anybody has a paint scraper we might just find me yet!!!) under all those other layers that have gradually been piled on since I became an adult. So I think the part of me that scraps and enjoys being published is my soul, my creative essence of who I am and it proves to me if nobody else that I still have an achievement that comes straight from who I am even if I were not those other things as well. I know the other layers add depth and texture to my scrapping and give me lots of inspiration but it's one thing I can claim for myself.

Ooohhh that was deeper than I wanted for a Tuesday morning!!!! Anyway.....CyberScraps is having a big whopping sale because the shop opens next month and please please please don't make me have to move everything from the stockroom to the shop or I'll have even less scrapping time!!!!

Seriously though there is up to 40% of the biggest range of stuff and not just older things or stuff we haven't sold yet but good stuff like the K&Co Frippery bracelets - they are 40% off!!!! How cool is that. There's lots of OTP stuff reduced too so if you have birthdays, or if you are a really organised early xmas shopper then get in now and start saving!!! Remember, as I always say "the bigger the discout the more stuff I can buy!!!!!". Yes - Doug wishes I wouldn't say that!

I've forgotten which issue of For Keeps my Easter layout is in. Probably because I haven't received my layout back yet or a commissioning letter. Cass thinks it's time I give them a ring and maybe she's right. I would hate for it to have gone AWOL and have no idea it's missing cos I really really love that layout. I can't remember whether the FK due out either this week or next week is the one they'll put Easter stuff in or if they'll wait until the issue after. Hell I don't even know WHEN Easter is this year!!!!!

Okay I'm going to get back to the typing - the boring typing, not this fun chatty faffing about typing - and I hope you all have a crackin' good day!

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