Friday, 16 February 2007

Little rewards and the search for the perfect red

Well thus far for me it's been THE week from hell. I've essentially been trying to cram two actual weeks worth of work into the waking and sleeping hours of only one week and I'm slowly getting there. I've decided I need to reward myself for flogging my butt so hard this week so I've made an appointment at a hair salon nearby to get a professional colour and some foils done. Now I haven't sat in a hairdresser's chair for a colour in I can't remember how long. Because I'm flightly I like to change my hair colour alot and I can't afford to truck off to the salon every time my fickle brain has a whim so I do it all pretty much myself - the colour, foils, all that stuff. Never cuts, no no no, not that brave or stupid but because I shaved all my hair off last year I'm growing it out anyway so have only had one trim in a whole year and it's actually growing out into a style I really love so I consider myself lucky. I know how hard it is to get a style you love and be able to afford or have time to maintain it.

I, like Ngaire, am on the quest for the perfect screaming bright fire truck red which will actually stay that way for more than a week and I'll be sure to pass on any good results I have with the salon tomorrow. I'm thinking as bright red as I can get it (which means bleaching first - GULP!!!) and then either blue and purple foils or white blond and black foils. Still undecided about that yet - like I said, I'm finnicky and will probably do something spur of the moment when I get there. Yes I know, easily excited........lack of impulse control.....all that stuff!

I'm actually very excited!! I so rarely do anything like that because with four kids there's always another (supposedly) more important use for the money but this week I have really really earned it so I figure I'm going to get it done while I can. It's definitely motivation for me to finish off all of my work today and this evening so I can go to the salon tomorrow with the knowledge that there is no work sitting waiting for me. It kind of puts a bummer on the weekend of I know I'm not actually finished and it will still be sitting waiting for me on Tuesday morning.

Mmmmmmmmm Kinder Happy Hippo.....they are these beautiful scrummy little wafers shaped like hippos with that hazelnut cream inside and little pavlova crumbs on the outside stuck to some white chocolate. Sooooooo bad and v. addictive!!!

The Marah Johnson is coming, the Marah Johnson is coming, the Marah Johnson is coming just as fast as Cyberscraps can organise it! Can't wait for that stuff!!!!

I dropped by Lisa Le-Ray's blog yesterday. She's got a sexy Scottish beast like I do!!! We're lucky girls I tell ya!

Doug wants to go see Ghostrider tomorrow night (in gold class no less - spending it already while I'm still trying to earn it! lol). I'm sorry but I don't love Nicholas Cage no matter what I see him in even though he's a great actor and this looks a bit daggy. It's apaprently a remake of an old comic and Doug, being "old" technically at 45, remembers the comic and has been raving about it ever since he heard it was being made. Some guy on a motorcycle who dies but makes a deal with the devil to carry out vengence or something for him so he gets to be normal during the day and at night he rides around covered in flames and riding a flaming chopper motorcycle. Can you hear the excitement in my post????? No??? Still no???? that's right - that's becuase there isn't any!!!! But what to do? Doug has been Super Dad all this week doing lots of cleaning, cooking and kid wrangling while I've been working all the extra hours so in a way he's worked for the money as much as I have and who am I to deny a kid at heart his comic book movie? Then off to the Pig and Whistle downstairs at Indooroopilly for a big cold pint of Guiness. Blind robbery prices in that place but I haven't had one in so long it will be worth it. The only problem is I don't think they have a pool table and I do love a couple of games of pool with a drinkee. Oh well, can't have everything!

What have you all been up to this week? I can't be the only one buried in work and domesticity now can I? Trust me, if you don't comment because you think I wouldn't care, think again - it's always nice and v.flattering to know that somebody you know (or someone you don't) read your blog and thought you weren't a complete crackpot or nutbag!!! I promise if you can reassure me that chaos is normal then I will do the same for you!

Thanks for having a looksee and I will try to get around on the weekend and see what everyone else has been doing. I want to scrap with a vengence on Sunday and I know I'll find lots of inspiration on my travels with you lot to visit!

ttyl Lu

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