Thursday, 22 February 2007

Razor sharp

Honestly I've never met a (almost) 3 year old as sharp as my daughter! She doesn't miss a trick, doesn't fall for the usual parental ruses we try on her to get her to do what we want and just seems to have it all figured out!

This morning she came into my room and because I've been typing early today I was already set up at my desk with a cup of tea and a couple of those amazing new Woolworths Select Orange Delight biscuits (yes, my bad). She came in and asked if she could have one and I said no because she hadn't eaten breakfast first. Then Daddy said he hasn't had one of those yet either and Caeligh said "well you can't cos you not have your breakfast yet!". Daddy turned around and said he had eaten breakfast and she replied "well what did you have a eat your breakfast?" !!!!! (I'm typing it out the way she said it) I love how she asked, even though she knew Daddy hadn't had any breakfast yet!!!! Talk about cheeky!!! lol

It's pretty bad when you get interrogated by the 3 year old to make sure you really did have breakfast first before you get a biscuit!!!!

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