Friday, 9 February 2007

Check out the serenity!

Well it's painfully early here, about 4.30am and I've gotten up to start work. Sometimes it's just easier to get up this early and get a couple of solid hours in because if I try to type after the kids have gone to bed and it's been a long day I'm tired already and my eyes start to feel like they are skipping around like my fingers on the keyboard and thus I don't actually get much quality work done! At least at this hour it's v.quiet, there are no distractions of any kind and the only noise is geckoes and the flap of a flying fox going past outside occasionally. Oh ahem and then there are noises from the sleeping man behind me but I can pretent I don't hear those, especially if I turn the volume up on my headphones!

STILL no SM!!!!! Look it's so bad I'm going to ring the delivery centre in the morning to see if they can find the postie who, according to the nice lady I spoke to at Australia Post yesterday, apparently should know if he has received the Express Publications magazines yet or not and should remember if he has delivered them yet. And then she said that if he thinks he's already delivered it and I haven't got it then it's a matter for the police as someone has most likely stolen it out of the postbox. Now I'm sorry but I've been hiding behind the front door listening for the sound of his bike each day and then pouncing on the mailbox like a woman possessed so I have no idea exactly when anybody would have time to steal anything!!!! Maybe it's just late -I did speak to Cath who doesn't have hers either yet and she only lives as far from Cass as me so it gives me vague hope! I really want to have a read through and have a decent look at the layouts. Flicking doesn't stick in my brain so I forget most of what I've seen by the time my copy arrives, even if Cass has let me look at hers first!

Busy kiddy day today, well busy for us anyhoo. Lachlann has been learning bass guitar this week as he's now only old enough this year to begin a school instrument program. He has learned three notes this week in preparation for a short recital this afternoon at school along with all the other poor terrified kids who've never picked up an instrument in their lives and suddenly their told they get one week of tuition and then they have a performance on the Friday afternoon. Poor little man was bricking it yesterday so I told him to teach me the three notes to see if that would give him a bit of confidence in his own ability. How embarrassing, he's 9 and he's got the hang of it better than me though I did persevere!!!!! By the time I'd spent an hour wasting his practice time I'd picked out the opening riffs of Smoke On The Water for him and he could play it back but it's not actually helpful to him as I can't read music and only know how to play stuff by ear!!!! That's so not helpful Mummy!!!!

Caeligh has ballet this afternoon too and I'm becoming more confident that she may be okay, just because I sewed new elastics into her ballet flats yesterday and then she threw a hissy when I wanted to take them off her again. She also got quite possessive about the leotard and skirt, and in a turn of events that can only be described as monumental she actually let me do her hair up in a ballerina bun. I'm very grateful at this point that I've let her hair grow long! So much easier but she will still need the big wide pink headband as she has a crazy desire to take to her hair with scissors if she can get them so she has a few "slightly choppy" bits that won't stay back. That's why I can never find a pair of scissors - I had to hide them all to protect her gorgeous hair!!!! So she seems excited and Daddy is even coming home early to come to the music recital and then take his princess to ballet for the first time. What a man!!!

I will be sure to let you know if it all goes pear shaped though. I don't know how only three notes on the bass guitar can go wrong myself but I can see very clearly how the ballet might. We'll see how the day pans out and in the meantime I might even get some work done!

Quick shout out to the totally lovely Lusi on your great news from yesterday!!!! I won't share for you cos I don't want to spoil the surprise for others but I'll give you a ring early next week!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been visiting lately. It's so cool to have you drop by!!! If you've got a blog be sure to let me know so I can cruise in on my rounds through the blogsphere!


Sandra said...

Thanks for your lovely coments on my blog and about my banner, if you are having trouble, I would be only too pleased to make one for you, just sing out if you want one.
Sandra Gerdes

lusi said...

hey sweet chickie! Thanks girl for your beautiful comments and it was just so lovely to finally chat!!!
Maybe night time next time when I have less interupptions - lol!
Love to you guys xxx

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