Monday, 5 February 2007

Forget water restrictions - how about food restrictions?

Only back at school one week and did the good mummy thing of stocking up on all the stuff they like in their lunchboxes (well the things their intolerances will allow that they will still happily eat anyway!). The moment they walk in the door this afternoon all they want to eat is the ridiculously expensive lunchbox food that comes in ridiculously expensive individual serves and makes them feel ridiculously special when they each get their own little packet of overpriced snacky things! Why is that???? They get to have it for lunch but not for afternoon tea because with three at school at one at kindy it kinda gets expensive when they each have even one a day let alone two! I'm going to put them in a big plastic box with a sign on the front that says "Only to be consumed between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm. Consumption outside these hours STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!!!". I know I sound like a mean mummy now but when they are the ones who don't like me buying bulk packs and divvying them up into little baggies like a street corner junk food dealer then I don't have a choice. If ya want the brand name snackies in their individual bags then ye shall ration them!!!! I'm sure you know what I mean - it's a huge chunk out of the grocery budget if you have more than one, even two kids at kindy or school. It doesn't help when the Scot in my husband rises up to smite food manufacturers and supermarkets for cornering us with clever marketing and cute packaging that our kids really want. It makes him ticked off every time we shop but.....he still buys them and then I get to enforce the "only during school hours" rule.

I bought Caeligh's ballet gear today. Even second hand I spent $40 on a pink leotard, a pink skirt and the pink leather ballet flats. I then had to buy a $5 matching pink headband because she has a devilish love of cutting her own hair anytime she can sneak a pair of scissors without anyone watching. That's the reason she has never had a haircut - I don't ever want her to associate that scissors go near hair! lol So the headband is to hold back the bits that are growing out that she has cut off herself. Yes it made me cry when she did it! I still can't picture her dressed up like a little ballerina - I have imagines of a huge, stilting, stomping giraffe trying to do ballet. I don't think she will put one little slippered foot into the studio and suddenly be struck by love of the dance!!!! I'm still going ahead with it though because the shop will re-sell the things I bought today for me so at least I'll get something back if it only lasts a week or two and she's expelled from ballet school for hyperactive monkey behaviour!

Huge thanks to Caeligh for sharing her summer cold with me. It's the kind where everything hurts - sore throat, earache, headache, cough, the whole bloody shebang! It won't go away fast enough for my liking. I don't have the energy to be sick!

A brickbat to parents who send their kids to school with frickin head lice!!! James has been at school exactly one week and one day and has come home today with head lice. I can't find any of the nasty buggers crawling on him (very sorry to anybody else he maybe passed them onto today!) but he has a head full of eggs and how much fun is that going to be? I was hoping to get a couple of months in before we had to worry about this but I guess lots of the kids have come straight from daycare or kindy and lordy knows they are rife in those settings. He honestly must only have picked them up Friday because he had a haircut Friday afternoon (before the giant wobbly) and the hairdresser didn't notice anything. How mortifyingly embarrassing would that have been - having the hairdresser point that out to you? Urgh gross. I was only saying to Cass today that I was worried how long until it happened. Should have kept my mouth firmly shut!

I did get a layout done today - just the one but better than none. Poor Cass had to do class layouts which isn't fun, particularly when they are designed for beginners so you can't just do whatever you like, you have to keep it simple and relatively quick. Very mojo harshing.....

I think I'll try to get some work done this evening so I have a head start on the week and that way maybe I'll get some more layouts done during the week.

Thanks for stopping by to have a look. Hope you have a very creative week, whatever you get up to!

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Casstastrophy said...

I hear ya Babe!!!! boy oh boy do I here ya, might go buy a locked box myeslf!!! oh and did Caeligh dig her ballet gear???? I am sure she just looks so adorable!!!!

Cass xxxx

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