Thursday, 8 February 2007

Banner envy

I've been doing lots of blog cruising in the past couple of days (see door hanger below which just had to happen!) and I'm developing a real case of banner envy!!! I see so many amazing scrappers with fab banners - Ngai, Rett, Chilli, Karen and Sandra to name just a few and I WANT ONE!!!!!! (throws herself screaming and crying to the floor in a major hissy fit of epic proportions which spills her Cooke Zero and frightens the cat).

I've gotten as far as making a really REALLY basic jpeg banner in photoshop with a cool pic I found on a free photostock site and used my favourite font - f@#%*d olympia - for the wording, and I even got as far as posting it at the bottom of my blog as a page element but we've ground to a bit of a screaming halt right about now.

I did ask Dougie the techno-geek to help but he was trying to do necessary things like get ready for work and help kids get ready while I tried fervently to figure out why oh why Blogger couldn't just let you insert your header like any other page element, but nooooooooooooo you've got to understand HTML code to do any of it! The last time I screwed with my Blogger template some of you will have been there to see the ugly (and very pink) fallout so understandably I'm reluctant as my blog and I have come to a very happy place in our relationship where the only thing I really need is a rockin' banner and maybe a few more fun bits and pieces like more widgets, and widets are easy and good and I get those. He did casually throw on the bed a couple of books that actually looked like footstools for elephants they were so frickin big and said chirpily "you'll have to learn how HTML works!" and off he went. Because for sure you know I could learn to fly the space shuttle too like that pepper spray-I'm wearing a wig-I'm takin' a hostage NASA lady (boy there's someone who may have slipped through the psychological testing!) in about the same time as it would take me to learn that stuff.

So I've thrown a suitably loud, inconvenient and desperate wobbly to which Dougie has responded and he assures me he will help me get my banner up where it should be hopefully tonight.

The beast is appeased for now.........hang on......where's that postie?


chilli said...

Cant wait to see your banner :) Thanks for popping into visit my blog and for your comments :)

Binxcat1 said...

are YOU cranky?... LOL my postie bent my SM (as usual) but i could still LOVE your LO... well done!

Mmmmmmm Slider Love