Sunday, 4 February 2007

I see red, I see red, I see red!

Well the one little girl destruction team was at it again. I had to work yesterday morning so Doug had to watch James and Caeligh for me but his idea of "watching" them isn't the same as mine so she had lots of little windows of opportunity as he did stuff on his computer, went out onto the patio to chat on the phone to a mate and a few other little things which meant that for brief periods of time, NOBODY was watching her. James was great - sat on the couch immobile and sucked in by the TV tractor beam. That kid wasn't going anywhere. I believe he would even ignore the call of nature if it meant missing something on TV so he was no problem. But Her Royal Highness? Oh no. She takes each solitary moment to do something dangerous, evil or destructive and yesterday was no exception. I'll briefly list the charges against her:
- threw her whole box of hair ties (even the annoying little rubber band ones) all over the floor
- turned off Doug's computer while he was using it (at least it got Daddy's attention! lol)
- tipped 4kg of rice onto the kitchen floor
-emptied an overloaded laundry hamper of dirty stuff onto the floor so she could use it as a step ladder to break into my room
- tipped two cups of lemonade on the floor and then complained about the messy floor
- smuggled a tube of red acrylic paint from my desk (she's getting very good at that) and proceeded to squeeze it out on her bedroom floor, toys, etc, all in the space of about 60 seconds (she works exceptionally fast if she thinks she will get busted for what she's doing!)
- asked for bikkies to eat and proceeded to smash them to crumbs on the floor
- tipped an entire container of fish food into poor Samurai's bowl (Lachie's Siamese fighting fish)
and wait for it.......the crowning glory of her destruction!.....

- she tipped a large bottle of Pillar Box Red food dye all over herself, the kitchen shelves, the chair, the floor and then smeared it around for maximum coverage about five minutes after Daddy had dressed her to go out!

Yes Daddy was so horrified that all he could do was stand in the doorway going "Oh my god, Oh my god" and then the four lettered words started flowing. She got a literary education yesterday I can tell you! lol

On a happier note Blayd batted for three overs yesterday and then retired to let someone else have a turn. Yay for Blayd - usually he gets bowled, often for a duck so I'm especially proud of him for sticking it out and even batting a 4!
Woke with a cold this morning, it's all the hot/cold/hot/cold weather we've been having I'm sure.....yeah yeah virus schmirus!!! Feels like I've swallowed razor wire and a cold in summer is more of an annoyance than anything else.
Off to do some flea markets this morning....ran out of fleas last week....ha ha. Okay it's v.lame but cut me some slack I'm sick!
We need the usual things like fresh veg and some fruit and then there's always the tat that I love rumaging through. You can find the best junk if you have the patience to just hunt through. I really like retro kitchen stuff so I always look out for those funky anodised tin kitchen canisters or milk bowls for my Sunbeam Mixmaster, and teacup sets that I have nowhere to safely put. I also like vintage jewellery, old embroidered doily sets, old lamps, anything timber that looks like it can be altered (old daggy timber spice racks are particularly good for storing your paints, bottles and jars in), books (much cheaper than buying new and I don't use the library often as I always forget to return things!) and beautiful cheap flowers (as Ngai will attest!!!). I'm going to Mr Gravatt for the fruit and veg and tat and then to Rocklea for more tat, the wonderful flowers and books. Then off to the Computer Market at Logan for some refill ink cartridges for my printer. I find it offensive that it costs more to buy ink cartridges than the actual printer costs!
I do have to get some scrapping in today as I went to a shop over at Banyo yesterday and picked up some Rouge de Garance papers, they didn't actually have the particular range I wanted but I got a few to have a look at and will order some more online this week. I also went to Scrapbooks Etc yesterday to pick up a few things like rub-on alphas and Prima flowers before their 30% off sale finished at close of business yesterday.
Oh that's right, we also went to DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) to get Jamie some good sneakers for him $27 Fila ones that were originally over $100!!! We stopped and reluctantly bought them a Hungry Jacks kids meal on the way because we didn't want to wait and eat at the DFO cos it's so busy usually. It wasn't until I checked the HJ website when we got home that we realised the problem. Their chicken nuggets which you would assume would be chicken and maybe a few other bits and pieces actually contain two really nasty artificial yellow colours, 102 and 110, and they sent poor Caeligh nuts!! She SCREAMED for 95% of our trip to DFO and in the car and everywhere else we went until dinner time last night. It's the worst behavioural reaction I've ever seen from her and I didn't think she was particularly sensitive to artificial colours. That's more Jamie's problem but because she never eats them, when she does have them the reaction is just spectacular and I felt really bad because I was so cranky and annoyed with her for screaming for the whole afternoon for what I thought was no apparent good reason!! So now I'm going to write a nasty letter to Hungry Jacks about why they would choose to use two artificial colours when McDonalds don't put any artificial colours in their nuggets at all, in fact they don't have preservatives either so they are actually not too bad if you aren't concerned about the fat content, which we rarely are because additives are a far more serious issue for us. Depressing really how much crap is in the food we willingly feed our kids each day. See how restrained I'm being - only resting my toe on the soapbox here - not leaping up on it and shouting like I want to!!!! And they wonder why my kids call me the Food Nazi!! lol
Not quite the quiet weekend I had envisaged on Friday but at least it hasn't been boring so far!!
Is anybody else up to anything exciting? Surely somebody has to have a more interesting life than mine!! Share if you like - I hear some grown ups even get to go out at night!!! lol Love to hear about what you're up to or comiserations if you've had a weekend like mine so far!

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