Friday, 9 February 2007

My baby girl is a ballerina!!!!!

Well my worst fears turned out to be completely unfounded and I'm sure you're sitting there saying "well see we knew it would be okay!". Caeligh and Lily looked like little princesses in their matching leotards, skirts, ballet flats and headbands, with their hair pulled back in ballerina buns. I stayed in the studio for the first ten minutes but every time Caeligh felt unsure of what to do she would run back to me and want to sit on my lap so I bit the bullet and went outside where she couldn't see me. After that she was perfectly fine!!!! She pranced, jumped, leaped, skipped about with a chiffon scarf, learned how to stand at the bar and point her toes. She only climbed up the wall using the bar a few times!!! She had a huge grin on her face most of the time and really enjoyed it! I won't say she's been struck by the love of the dance but I'll say for sure she had a fun time and is happy to go back next week which is all I cared about. Yes must have photo share!

Lachlann had his "end of first week" music recital and was stoked with his rendition of Hot Cross Buns with his three notes. He just beamed the whole time and it's fab to see him enjoy something so much. He really is a music and dance kind of kid so I'm glad he's finding his niche.

We've got cricket for Blayd tomorrow and a trip to the hairdresser for the older two plus I have some extra work that a doctor has given us to catch up on for him so while the money's good, the chunk of time it will take is not. Doug is planning to go to the Motor Show sometime on the weekend (thanks Cass and I'm sorry you won't have time to use them) but without the two little ones as I'm sure they don't offer personal liability insurance for clumsy or destructive children as you walk through the doors!!! I think Doug wants to LAN tomorrow night which means that he will take the two older boys away to a mate's place for most of the night and the two little ones will probably have a sleep over at their Gran's place meaning I should have a whole house and night to myself to either scrap or work. Gee tough decision......NOT!!!!! I had a great idea for a layout last night after watching a preview for The Devil Wears Prada. I have a picture of Caeligh with her best evil smile in her kindy clothes so it's going to be The Devil Wears Target. Wish I'd thought of it a few weeks ago for the Aussie Dares Inspired By Film dare!!!
Must go now because apparently children need to eat. Can you believe that???? I wanted to sit and scrap. Well those kids are just inconvenient arent' they? lol Have a blast of a weekend whatever you get up to!
ttyl Lu

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lusi said...

love these pics hun - so gorgeous of both the girls especially and that guitar looks FUNK-EEEEY!
Lus x

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