Sunday, 18 February 2007

Money spent and hair not red enough

Well a Saturday morning at the salon was actually really fun. I was pampered and attended to for two hours and got my colour and foils for an excruiciatingly cheap price because I let the apprentice do it. Poor thing was so nervous and she kept asking where I wantd the foils, how big, what exact colour and I said "Honey just go ahead and have some fun with it. I don't really mind what you do because it's nothing worse than I've done to myself". She seemed happily, if somewhat disbelievingly, relieved. I later found out that it was the first whole head colour and foils she had done and she did a great job. So great in fact that I'm going to go back in a week or two and get another lot of foils put through for a bit more interest. It wasn't as red as I'd like but because my natural colour is so dark brown, the other hairdressers said it would be waaaaay to damaging to my hair to try to bleach it all down to blonde which is what I'd need to get the colour I really want. So I settled for bright, but not as bright or as red as I really want. The foils look good too. I even let her straighten it for me. I've never done that before because my hair has a natural wave/kink to it which means I would have to straighten it every single day if I wanted it to stay like that so I've just never bothered. I like the fact that my hair has that supposedly sexy "just tumbled out of bed" look - sometimes it's even permission not to even do anything with my hair when I get up, and it still looks like I styled it that way. Hair for lazy people!!!!!! I love that! But I have to say that I really REALLY liked it straight - it makes it at least a whole inch longer and when you are growing it back it all matters!!! It felt gorgeous and was something that regrettably I could get used to but I think I'll save it for special occasions as I honestly couldn't be buggered doing that every day. Who has that kind of time???? My theory on hair is that if it takes me more than a minute to do then it's taking too long!

Today I went to Photo Continental for their Super Sunday sale. Oh freaky scary place!!!! It was jam packed with scary middle aged ladies and unfortunate women who knew nothing else but sticker embellishments and Sizzix. Cass and I stood amongst it all, clutching things like a sheet of Basic Grey rub-ons (I got the black symbols), a pack of Delish Biscuitboard alpha letters (oh so beautiful stuff and their monos are gorgeous too - yes I'll be sure to mention to an already snowed under Cath that we just NEEEEEEEED that too!), some Heidi Swapp alpha rub-ons (because my alphabet fetish is turning into a problem I will need to seek help for soon) and a new ProvoCraft Paper Trimmer (though why they thought they needed to cross promote by printing a Cricut symbol on it I just don't know, I'd never buy one anyway as I've got my sights locked in on a Robocutter - so much more versatile and will cut anything basically you have on your computer including all your cool fonts and stuff you can create in graphics programs but I seriously digress.....). Cass and I stood and looked at the frenzy going on around the punch displays and had to avert our eyes from the punch art demonstration. They had a guy demonstrating the Pritt Power Gel which I've never used. Yes it's my dirty little secret - I only use phototabs and Dimensional Magic for adhesives on my layouts......I know there may be other ways but this has worked so beautifully for me the whole time and I haven't felt the need for something new but I'll explain in another post this afternoon why I need to learn more about what other scrappers might use. Anyhoo the guy demonstrating the Pritt Power Gel, honest to crikey ladies you think they would have chosen somebody who is actually a paper crafter, paste eater, life artist, scrapbooker, bloody whatever, somebody who actually knows what the stuff is used for. He didn't know what sequins were!!!!! The horror of it all. We asked if it would glue solid metal embellishments and hardware type stuff and he said oh yeah look at this, this is metal and held up a sequin shaped like a maple leaf and poor Cass has just given up in exasperation!

We looked at all the layouts on the walls within inking and tearing and about a gazillion brads and wanted to climb on top of the counters and scream "there is so much more than this!!!!"

But alas we did not make a scene. I did however find these extremely cool band-aids!!! I wasn't even thinking remotely of my children and how they'd like them - was thinking about how they would so go with the Marah Johnson Caution Boy and Caution Girl papers were getting in at Cyberscraps!!!! That's sad.........and probably not even acid free either.........

Sharing a water bottle I found at the Super IGA yesterday for 99c. I HATE to drink water like nothing on this earth and the only thing that helps is having a pretty bottle to drink it from. A cup or glass does not work - it has to be a bottle and that way I know how much I've had as well.

It only holds 500ml but still very nice and makes drinking water more enjoyable if that's possible.

I've got to work AGAIN tonight but hey car rego this week and a karate tournament to pay for so no rest for the wicked at my place! I do have that huge announcement and very shortly I'll post so you know what's going on.

Keep your eyes peeled!!!!

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